Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: I will never AirBnB again.

1. Never ever again

I’ve had exactly ONE experience with AirBnB with my friends, and it was less than joyful. There was no hot water, the room was not at all what was pictured, and the whole experience for the price we paid, sucked. It was better to go to a hotel, and not deal with any of this.

So when I read this article about the 1% of nightmares that AirBnB is paying to make go away, I do not ever want to be in that 1% by bad luck. I will never ever do AirBnB again unless I have no other option (e.g. have to sleep in my car), or maybe if I know the people running it.

2. Tempted

I am sorely tempted by these LOW block-heeled pumps from MM Lafleur only because they look comfortable, and are very walkable for casual affairs, not just for work.  I am not sure I am ever going to work again by going back to the office. I mean, never say never but… let’s plan to never do this.

3. Elsa Peretti

I loved this Youtube video on Elsa Peretti, one of the most visionary designers for Tiffany.

4. Backsack

Here, sometimes I laugh because they call backpacks “back sacks” as in French you say “sac à dos” or “bag to back”, so when they translate, it becomes “back sack” in English which makes me giggle. At any rate, I do not know why, but I am suddenly enamoured with backpacks. Chic ones that seem practical and cute, like this The Row one on sale secondhand but at retail, is double the price as shown here..

5. Expectations

The Gates’ divorce was surprising but in today’s day and age, maybe I shouldn’t have been. The article breaks down elegantly what it means: Today’s ideal partner is somehow simultaneously your lover, your best friend, your equal co-parent, and your life coach. Maybe it asks too much of marriage to expect your spouse to co-chair a billion-dollar philanthropic enterprise with you too. Personally, I don’t subscribe to your partner being everything. It creates a lot of unrealistic expectations.

6. Stored

I think I need to pick up a 5TB harddrive to use, like this one on sale from Seagate (great brand). I have so many files of Little Bun I want to transfer back and forth, I need something that is bigger than 1TB as I am also storing other things on there.

7. Upcycled

Little Bun and I are totally into upcycling and loved these upcycled furniture pieces.

8. Tied

HOW CUTE is this maxi tie-dyed dress? It isn’t even that kind of kitchy rainbow, but more elegant. I have a similar print in my closet.

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