Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where an entire country is being listed on AirBnB

I love the idea of Sweden (one of my favourite countries) listing its entire country on AirBnB, I visited Stockholm and fell in love with its charm and calm way of life. I immediately told my partner we had to go back and explore the rest of the country. The only thing I did not love, was all of the smoked salmon, I was SO SICK of it by the time we left, that we couldn’t eat it for a solid 5 years because I would gag at the sight of it.

I am probably the biggest sucker in the world for wood bowls and other such items. This one for under $30 would be the perfect thing to hold little knickknacks in my bathroom, but truth be told, this enamelled one is just too pretty to ignore.

I would absolutely, 100% sign Baby Bun up to go to this outdoor preschool in Germany. I love the idea of him learning about nature in actual nature, and developing those skills. I already try to take him to parks and have him touch snails, learn about flowers and plants, and so on, but it is nothing like this!

As much as I want to try wearing kimonos casually over my outfits, I feel like it would be too much for me to handle, style-wise, that is, until I found this minimalist beauty in an understated grey… it would look just like a stylish coat, really. If I really wanted to go all out, I’d give this $1500 option a try, and pose in it for theatrical photos with Baby Bun in a matching robe. LOL

Do face masks actually work? As I suspected, it only penetrates the initial layer of the skin but doesn’t reach the inside. That said, Vitamin C and some other items are very good for the skin, but you don’t necessarily need a face mask to get the results, you can just use a serum or cream just as effectively. Good to know! My favourite Vitamin C serum is the C15 in the orange bottle from Paula’s Choice, but I have friends who swear by this brand’s Truth Serum. Whichever one you choose, just make sure you choose one with stabilized Vitamin C because just rubbing oranges on your face won’t work & the serums do expire in 3 months (they cannot last that long).

If I had a seriously large room and wouldn’t be scared of Baby Bun crawling into art and getting stuck, I’d buy this sculpture. Something about its curves, the gold, and its travel-like, globe-shaped minimalist quality appeals to me.

I have no green thumb to save my life, so this Smithsonian article about the new venture SeedSheets look like a perfect alternative for those who can’t garden. The fabric dissolves and the seeds grow. No other nonsense with germination required.

I bought this dark brown liquid eyeliner because $12 sounds more reasonable to me than $25 for an eyeliner even though I use it daily, and it is AMAZING.


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