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Ask Sherry: What apps should you download for a preschooler or toddler?

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Which apps would you recommend buying (or downloading) for 2.5 years old toddler? Seems Little Bun learns so much from them!

These are my favourite apps so far:

Anything from Tiny Hands. – their apps are beautiful, well done and without mistakes / errors that you have to later try to explain what happened… like mixing up an Iguana with a Lizard. *eye roll*

I basically own all of them, they’re all fun and great to teach kids how to match, colours, etc.

Little Bun for some reason loves these apps by Bacarox too for Math ages 3 – 6.

I also like OneBillion apps, but their accent is British, and Little Bun had a seriously hard time understanding her:

Lastly, the Mobile Montessori apps are kind of not cool looking or as slick as the ones above, but he really loves them and has learned a lot about plants, animals, spelling, etc:

I think the way they did the app for the matching was not as intuitive as the others, but it has a deeper educational purpose..

He also really loves Splash Math, which ended up being fantastic because he grows with it! He starts learning more and more, and now we are into long division and he is 5 years old.

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