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Travel: Dressing for warm weather

I’ve been racking my brain about what to wear in very, super hot weather when on vacation and not on a beach (e.g. On farms or places where mosquitos love to live).

Thus far my uniform is straight legged linen pants, a long sleeved linen shirt and a Tilley hat (although I love this raffia option from Tilley) with Birkenstocks.

I could make those pants slim fit white jeans (to avoid getting too warm as white will reflect head), and change the Birkenstocks to a rose gold leather style, but the crux of the matter is that I need to be FULLY covered for 2 reasons:

1. Sunburn

I’m vigilant about not getting burned, getting early wrinkles and sunspots

2. Bug bites

Each time I’ve tried to wear a dress with sandals, I get bitten at least 3 separate times.

I figured if I look at very religiously conservative countries I’d get an idea but wearing long sleeved shirts with long skirts is not my thing.

In the end, what I think might work best is a pair of light-fabric white straight-legged almost skinny pants (not super tight) with long-sleeved shirts that are stylish like colourful, light embroidered tunics or peasant blouses à la Tory Burch’s aesthetic if that makes sense.

Neither of those tunic or peasant tops are really my style but long-sleeved collared shirts seem far too formal…

Or a wide-legged white pair of linen pants with a light, striped long-sleeved top but I’d be afraid of looking too much like a sailor.

Maybe grey instead of white pants to avoid that vibe.

For me to try skirts or dresses, they would have to be maxi-length to avoid the bugs from attaching my sweet, juicy calves and anything flowy would look very Gypsy-or-Hippie-like against a long-sleeved top.

I could wear a slimmer maxi skirt or dress but then I still need to walk comfortably, and wear some sort of light topper for my arms (also very desirable feeding grounds for bugs).

As for the sandal situation, my feet come first in comfort and Birkenstocks are where it is at. Thankfully, the Olsen’s and various other celebrities have made them cool again to wear.

Or bug spray, but that means having to shower and irritate my eczema-laden skin nightly.

Or just travel when it is cold.


  • SP

    I had a similar problem, although not bugs – just needed something relatively cool to wear in the heat in a conservative country. The only way I found a skirt and long sleeve top to look reasonable together was with a tank underneath and then the button up tied at the waist. Then you still have some shape. Not my usual style by any means, but it was OK.

  • Sense

    Sandals? Do your feet not get bitten? Or do you put sunscreen/bugspray on your feet/toesies?

    I am a pale, almost see-through-skinned blonde and mozzies LOVE me so I fully understand your plight! But I’d never ever wear sandals if I were trying not to get bitten or sunburnt–the feet/toes are one of the worst, most uncomfortable places for me to get bitten/sunburnt (or both, which once happened to me all over my body–oh, the MISERY THAT ENSUED).

    Usually mosquitoes do not hang around the beach or chlorine-d up pool areas where I love to spend my vacation days, so I’m usually fine as long as I wear good sunscreen. 🙂 For everywhere else and in evenings, I wear socks/sneakers + field pants and long-sleeved tops–they are meant to be worn in various weather conditions and I already have them in my closet because of work.

    I do like the casual linen look you are describing here, though–let me know where to find any pieces you end up liking! It would be nice to switch it up from field gear once in a while.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      For some reason, no. My feet are fine, my legs are where I get the worst of it.

      The best linen brand so far is pricey, and is called Majestic Filatures. Super soft, wonderful linen. James Perse is good for linen too but hard to maintain, I accidentally washed it in warm water and it went all scratchy on me 🙁

      As for pants.. no luck yet. Banana Republic is out because they don’t have high-waisted anything.

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