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Do you consider yourself photogenic?

When I was younger, no. Now? YES. Absolutely.

Every morning I wake up, look in the mirror and generally grin (even if I am tired) at my reflection.

Like all the top models say (and by that I mean by watching a ton of Americas Next Top Model), it all depends on the angles. Some shots I look better in than others just because my head is tilted down or whatever.

If I smile, yes. I always try to make it a point to smile really big and wide no matter how I feel and the shot usually comes out.

I also NEVER say no to a photo. I smile wide and that’s it.

We both kind of look like this Mommy & Baby Red Panda every time a shot is taken actually…

I don’t ever want my son to grow up thinking that his mother ever felt ugly or un-photogenic (cuz I don’t) nor to learn any kind of shyness around a camera because he is learning from my example.

I’ve seen too many kids refuse to pose (especially girls) because their mothers (mostly) don’t think they’re camera worthy.

I hate that and wish all parents and mothers would pose without any self-consciousness because they have to consider that time is fleeting and you will regret not having actual shots of yourself with your children and family no matter how “ugly” or “fat” you’re feeling that day.

It is for you not for them as well so they can remember what you looked like (lovely) and if you ever should cease to be in their lives (goodness forbid) they will have those memories to look back on and cherish.

It also depends on my mood when the shot is taken.

Some of the “ugliest” photos I own are my favourites because it was for instance a (very rare) selfie my partner and I took with Baby Bun while on vacation and in a few shots he kissed my cheek as I snapped the picture.

From a photography perspective I look terrible, and would never pass muster for any kind of Instagram posting if I wanted to pretend #IWokeUpLikeThis but it is one of my favourite photos of us to date. I remember how I felt, how happy we all were and it brings back all the good feels when I look at it.

Another favourite “ugly” shot of mine and my partner’s is the day I came home with Baby Bun from the hospital. I was in hunting boots (it was a snowy winter), a random stretchy grey muumuu, and the size of Shamu (yes your body does not “bounce back” after immediately popping out a small watermelon-sized human), with terrible skin (hormones!) and zero makeup.

It is my favourite because I’m in front of the house grinning like I can’t believe I made this little tiny wrinkly human, and I don’t give AF about how put-together I look.

That day, I was not “pretty” or well turned out in the shot nor posed or poised whatsoever unlike other newborn photo shoots with parents I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook (with high heels and designer dresses with makeup on a hospital bed while you’re still bleeding and unable to pee?!?).

Childbirth is not a cakewalk.

My partner loves it the best because I am so happy in that shot that I have a baby and I didn’t even think for a second about my outfit and style for unlike other new mothers to pose in to post anywhere.

I just was who I was in reality and how I felt that day and became a brand new mother. He calls it my “Mommy farmer comes home with a new baby”, and is very fond of it.

In it, I am who he fell in love with — natural and not at all self-conscious (far cry from my teenage years). “Most women” as he says, “would have NEVER posed for that shot your father took of you that day without prepping first with makeup and an outfit. You are beautiful.” He also loves that I don’t hide the shot and proudly show off the day I brought Baby Bun home.

In short — yes I feel super photogenic 100% of the time (NO DOUBT), and yes I feel 150% more photogenic if my mood is good, the lighting is not terrible and I happen to be wearing an outfit I love and a bit of makeup always helps.

But even if I don’t have any of these perfect factors?

Don’t care. Will pose for any shot. I’m recording a moment, a feeling and myself in a small sliver of time.


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  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    100% no. But I also don’t care most of the time. There’s one imperfection that I care about because it makes me sad about bad decision and so on but that’s more of what it reminds me of. I don’t do selfies but that’s because as a youngun I HATED having photos taken of me (not sure why but I’m scowling at 98% of photos from childhood because I hated the camera) and now as an adult, it’s just not something that occurs to me but I ADORE how JuggerBaby and PiC have ten selfies every time they go somewhere. Because of them, now I try to actually think about doing it sometimes and JB is totally unselfconscious about it. Almost every night at dinner, ze leans into PiC and insists on CHHEEEEEEZZZZZEEEE (take our picture). It’s stinkin cute.

  • SarahN

    We’ve been selecting photos for a funeral order of service, and I suggested one, ad both my aunt and mum said no as ‘they looked fat’ – sigh. Saddens me, cause it’s otherwise a good photo of my grandmother (who died) and her five children together. Oh well…

    I actually have come to like selfies, but can’t replicate what I like in them (I think I have the wink or the some what… mischievous look down pat) with a photographer… But I try not to worry and realise that it’s a great memory jogger of the time, not of perfection!

  • Sense

    Haha, no, I do not think I am photogenic–research says that we are LESS attractive than what we think we are when looking in the mirror ( If that is true, I have no business in any photos most days, haha! Interestingly, due to angles or whatnot, I can look like a COMPLETELY different person from one photo to the next. It is very odd, even strangers/photographers have commented on it after taking several photos of me.

    That said, I also never shy away from the camera (I did for a brief period when I was younger). I just don’t care how I look in pictures anymore–I am who I am, I look how I look! Judgmental people will judge, can’t control ’em.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      For me, I do think I’m photogenic but only in the right lighting and circumstances (AS WITH EVERYONE). 🙂 If you catch me half about to sneeze and grab a shot, obviously I look terrible. Or if I am having a tired bad skin day.. but I never say no to a picture.

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