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If there was one country or culture or era that you had to live in, fashion-wise, what would it be?

No time like the present and exactly where I live.

I don’t need to wear a corset, bustle, dress only with hats and gloves without exception, and can wear pants. I mean, those women had killer waists, but they were literally being killed by them (your internal organs, squished… I mean “waist training” is total and utter BS. I DO NOT want anyone thinking I am promoting, or a fan of this practice at all, it is as abhorrent to me as genital mutilation).

I love that in today’s day and age, I can wear such a wide variety of clothing and styles and not feel strange or odd.

Other eras like the 50s are appealing to me but they were so strict with the styles! You could not wear ripped jeans then!

Today is the best day and age for my kind of style aesthetic. One day I can be in a pencil skirt, the next, ripped jeans and the next, a retro sundress.

Or even all in the same day all at once!

Leather leggings, anyone!?

Or even just the variety of mixing styles with masculine loafers made feminine with a pointed toe paired with a dress, or a leather biker jacket meant in the past for biker gangs over a corporate work sheath dress.

Or just.. PANTS. Lots of pants.

All acceptable forms of dress these days.

The only thing I don’t love about this day and age style-wise (which I’ve been vocal about) is the proliferation of casual loungewear as appropriate going out garb. It is one thing to wear pyjamas to a pharmacy at midnight for a snack run or because you’re worried about your toddler having a high fever; it is another to wear it and not bother to at least wear jeans and a shirt.

Everyone I promise that if you own one pair of super soft, comfortable jeans (these are my favourites), you will NEVER not want to wear them out all the dang time. They can be just as comfortable and as readily easy to wear as pyjamas.

No joke.

And you look like you’ve put in effort (when you haven’t) and tried (which you have) instead of rolling out of bed and onto the street as-is.


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  • Kathy

    Even though I love the costumes rom the Pride and Prejudice films as well as Downton Abbey, all things considered, I’m happy I live today. I’m a much more casual person and while I absolutely believe we should dress appropriately for church, weddings or funerals I’m delighted that we don’t have to wear corsets, white gloves and hats etc.

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