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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: We love your work but want to see how tight your ass is.

We love your work but want to see how tight your ass is”, if that isn’t insulting I don’t know what is.

This lariat necklace is pretty.

Thinking twice about keeping Judith & Charles as an oft-repeated staple in my wardrobe after reading this experience. I hate it when customer service doesn’t see the forest for the trees.

I think this sums up why I now don’t want a second child either. They’re adorable and it would be worth it in 20 years but it is a dang crapshoot and I don’t want to go through what I had again.

If you really want something easy and breezy to carry as a tote, nothing is better than this tote. It even comes perforated.

On why we shouldn’t dress our age, and why I plan on being stylish until my grave.

This is my favourite nailpolish colour, natural and wonderful.

Why it is so hard to figure out what to wear to work. For me it is not hard to figure out what to wear it is more getting my wardrobe to be curated properly so I have less to choose from. It is slowly getting there. When I get ready for work, I only choose clothing with more coverage rather than less (all of my clothes tend to be less skimpy anyway), err on the side of caution by wearing a bralette or tank over my bra to keep from flashing people, then consider the weather (rain? sun?) and ease of toddler wrangling in said outfit.

I bought this fabric / lint shaver recently. Let’s see if it works out.

I love these smoothie copycat recipes, and although I’ve never had any of them, the cocoa one sounds pretty good. I’d omit the coffee and add raw cacao nibs for more antioxidants!

I love this bracelet (studded, rose gold, delicate yet feminine and tough) but not the pricetag.

In love with these JuggerBaby Roundups not only because I love this child but that ze reminds me SO MUCH of Baby Bun in many ways. Mine definitely has the abstract concept of “no moah staww-bewwies and cheh-wees?” nailed down. (No more strawberries and cherries?), in TWO languages….

Is it wrong to want the same watch I already own and love but in grey and rose gold as well?

Need summer airplane outfit ideas? Mine is always the same: Arizona Birkenstocks (now in metallic copper!), wool hiking socks for the plane, skinny jeans (these AG Farrah’s are like pyjamas), a tank top, a light topper of some sort and this travel cashmere wrap (all day, everyday). Layers are key and I’m not out to impress anyone on the plane, nor have paparazzi waiting.

These leather tie boots look perfect for the cooler weather coming up.


I appreciate Gen Y money loving my Week of Money posts. I love them too, to be honest. I read back on them each week and think: Wow.. that’s right. That did happen like that. I made it to see another day! WOO HOO!


  • Jewels

    I swear that it does get easier with more kids! And I am finding they can entertain each other more and more. I leave them in the playroom together (where there is a nest cam) and view them through my phone as I get ready in the mornings or prepare dinner. And of course, you’re right, I am really thinking of the ultimate goal. When I sit down at a Christmas dinner years down the line, I want as many little people at my table as possible (my grandbabies).

  • C

    The don’t dress your age article makes me think of the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph which begins:

    When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
    With a red hat which doesn’t go, and doesn’t suit me.

    I’m 41 and still wear short shorts and tank tops when the weather calls for it. I also do wear purple. But generally at work at least I’m a pretty sedate dresser.

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