Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where I read: “A secondhand woman is like a secondhand car” and I see red.

The world’s largest watercolour painting’s story is quite an interesting read.

Someone at work said her beauty secret to perfect lip colour without it rubbing off while kissing or eating, is to use a lip pencil instead. Specifically this one.

Exorcise your spouse’s mistresses sounds like a bit of a hoax but apparently it is a real requirement in China where I suppose extramarital affairs run rampant and are an accepted part of life (?) until the money runs out.

Best way to exorcise a mistress? Start having affairs of your own and spark their jealousy to bring back their obsession with you. Just kidding. Sort of.

The worst is reading: “In today’s world a secondhand woman is like a secondhand car. Once it has been driven it is not worth a fraction of its selling price.” Damn. If I should ever find myself single, they would only be SO LUCKY to get someone like me. That’s all I’ve gotta say.

OH MY. OH MY. This poppy sheath dress.. I feel like it is just made for me.

Do older father’s influence their sons to be more STEM inclined? I’m inclined to say yes for 3 reasons:

(1) Older fathers have had more work experience to know that STEM pays well

(2) Older fathers may have concentrated on their careers first before having kids and be in better job positions

(3) Older fathers over 35 are not as juvenile, reckless or foolhardy in thought and actions as someone under 25 because they’ve had a full 10 years to experience more in life of what works and what doesn’t. They don’t think they’re invincible any more.

Speaking of Poppy Dresses, this one in black also looks incredible. It would be great for a party, a cocktail, etc.

How much do I love this startup called Manservants, helping women fulfill their true fantasies!!?

Metallic loafers are always a nice glam neutral. I really like the feminine loafer (if you haven’t noticed), and my favourite pair is the Stellato from M. Gemi.

Kenzo features all-Asian supermodels in its show, possibly the first of any major well-known designer brand; rather than having just a few token ethnic minorities, they had 83 Asian models strut their stuff.

These ballet flats look .. so.. minimalist and yet so perfect. How did Karl manage to knock it out of the park?

If you do decide to get plastic surgery, don’t go overboard and avoid fillers as much as you can! Over use of them can really give you a creepy wax museum look. I always thought Courtney Cox looked so strange, she’d be much more beautiful with a few wrinkles and natural skin.

Small, square, pretty studded earrings that would go with any outfit without being too precious (e.g. pearls.. or plain gold).

Speaking of surgery, I am DEFINITELY putting off Lasik based on Adina’s experience until Baby Bun is older and I have a chance to have proper downtime. I do not want to screw up my eyes, considering the risk and the cost!

LOL This cactus ring is.. whimsical.. fun.. and I sort of want it now.



  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    That poppy sheath is so perfect for you. Even I’d be tempted to try it on and I don’t do florals or bright colors much.

    Pf, men don’t deserve us.

  • SarahN

    I can’t recall ever owning lip liner! But I have heard of this trick for sure.

    My nickname is poppy so I wouldn’t wear these dresses – too literal. I did see a skirt recently when thrifting which you’d have loved – think navy almost grosgrain fabric with large format flowers. And size (australian) 6, so likely might have fit you!

    I hve earring very similar to those you linked too – cheap ones, but I do like them…

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