Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where cheerleaders make less than $3 an hour

Cheerleaders make about $2.75 an hour.. and other things you never knew about them. I find it interesting because I had no idea. Imagine all the money they have to spend to keep that look up though. O_o

So I did it. I spent about $800 (CAD) on a hair dryer, styler, tool kit thingamajig called this Dyson Airwrap and am currently trying it out.

Please note, I have never owned a hair anything or product in my life. I literally wash my hair with shampoo, and let it air dry, and I condition it every other wash or so.. plus I also cut my own hair as of about 2 years ago (or so). I am a total newbie to hair anything.

(Spoiler alert: I really do like it, but do I like it $800 worth?)

I need to re-create this look from Kat Tanita. I pretty much have all the pieces to do it in my wardrobe, except the black turtleneck — I am still holding out for the PERFECT weight in a turtleneck. Not too thin, not too thick, and the right price.

This Thea Lace cuff for $50 is everything. I love the look of it like it is a lace wrist cuff, and you know I am a sucker for these bangles..

Thrifting tips from the Goddess of Thrift herself, all hail Queen Adina! No seriously though. Edmonton seems to be a hotbed for local in-store thrifting. My thrifting is best done online, which isn’t really thrifting.

I’m really consignment or secondhand shopping so I pay FAR MORE than Adina does for similar items.

In-store however, I have only had great luck with consignment shops (see my list of Designer Resale Consignment Shops in Montreal here), but in person? I have only had one or two nice pieces.

Then again, I also don’t go as regularly as she does. I guess if I did I may score more, but some days I am not in the mood to sift through racks and racks of clothes.

It really is the era of consignment and secondhand shopping with retailers like The RealReal because I see big things happening for first, the environment being a factor, but just that things cost MONEY and I’d like to spend less on it on nicer things.

Speaking of retail shopping rather than secondhand, I am trying very hard not to want this polkadot dress from Banana Republic as it is 100% polyester, but it is perfection otherwise.

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