Save. Spend. Splurge.

Curated Closet Workbook Exercise: What is your shopping budget or strategy?

What is your typical shopping strategy?

Browse, look for fresh inspiration on Pinterest which by the way I pin all my ideas here

I love this entire look. I know I could replicate it in my wardrobe (except the brown coat, I’d swap it for camel because I hate brown)..

I could definitely replicate the entire wardrobe with what I already own, and that gets me excited!

I love browsing for inspiration and it is only if I TRULY cannot replicate the look (as in, I do not have white jeans..) then I will try and find a perfect piece for it.

Do you prefer spending your budget on fewer, more expensive clothes or do you tend to spread it across a lot of cheaper items?

Fewer more expensive clothes.

More expensive clothes drape better, look better, and feel better.

I’d much rather buy secondhand designer items than brand new, cheap, mainstream brands.

I don’t really care that they are new. Gently used to me, is better if it is a better item, and if I can get it for cheaper.

I am really not a fan of paying $80 for a pair of polyester pants, or for anything that isn’t less than stellar.

With that said, it is not as though I won’t like to buy cheaper items — thrift stores are great for this if you live in a good thrifting area — it is just that I am realistic that a floral or embroidered print for $50 is not going to be the same as a $250 piece.

What about you?


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A little about this series:

I am embarking on a 8-week (or longer) excursion to do this exercise from one of my favourite style books – The Curated Closet – and to show you what my Curated Closet Workbook (companion workbook to the actual book) looks like at every step of the way.

Why do this?

Because I know what I like but I have no idea why I like what I do. I just do, and it seems very hodge-podge and all over the place. Being very Type A, I kind of want to pin it down and to know WHY.

I feel like it would help me narrow down my style personas more, and stop me from making bad / stupid shopping mistakes.

Also, I really like reading about these kinds of things from other people. I love it when people go through and talk about their style evolution and why.

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