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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Time to declutter your calendar

How to declutter your calendar. ELIMINATE EVERYTHING THAT DOESN’T SPARK JOY! LOL.. Just kidding. It really is a useful article, I found myself nodding as I read it.

I just picked up these Ted Baker Mitty shorts in Khaki for 50% off. They are THE perfect pair of shorts for me with a tie, high-waisted, deep pockets, and a cool safari flair that makes them look a bit like a skort/miniskirt rather than a pair of dumpy high-waisted shorts. I want them in a red too

Ever feel like you are stagnating on your job? Ever wonder if you should quit your job if you don’t get better projects? Read this.

Yes folks, I own a Dyson Airwrap now, and I am really loving these model-esque curls I am getting with so little effort. I am a complete hair n00b, and to see goddess curls appear when a dum-dum like me is styling them, is nothing short of a friggin’ miracle. I don’t think it’ll be going back. I know it is a lot of money for a hair tool but … GODDESS CURLS, Y’ALL!!!!

And remember, not everyone likes their job either. Most people hate their jobs. Only 15% of people like their jobs and are ‘engaged’; I am one of the lucky 15%, but not every day is daisies and roses either. I have bad days like anyone else but overall, I very much enjoy my job.

I picked up this gorgeous Goorin Bros sun hat… well actually two hats, this is just one of them. I am obsessed. The quality is impeccable but you do pay for it in the price tag. I dropped about $216 CAD per hat… The other hat is a wool version.

This cartoon is exactly how I felt when I became a mother….. and the author doesn’t have to feel like it was because she was a foster parent. I gave birth to Little Bun and while I wasn’t craving to be a mother or anything, but I did want at least a child, if not children because everyone had them.

I found being a young parent very difficult with a newborn, and I found it strange that I was not 100% in love all the time with my baby. I mean I loved him, after about 3 months of getting to know him, but it wasn’t instant. I really felt like I was a weirdo for wanting to go back to work, to basically have time AWAY from my little boy, and I have realized that this is normal.

I just want to be a person and then a mother, but society idolizes motherhood and parenting so much that we all feel the pressure to be a Pinterest Mom, even if we are not. I hate being Mommy Shamed, and I won’t stand for it any longer from people I do not give 2 effs about.

Smaller bags are much easier to carry and is light and comfortable. I am really into the look of this Madewell Mini Abroad Crossbody.

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