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10 Tips to Organize your Life & Home Quickly and Effectively Part Two

Following the Part One post of 10 Tips to Organize your Life & Home Quickly and Effectively, you can also check out the Tour of my Minimalist Home here, where I have a lot of the following implemented.

Keep the look simple

If you are buying boxes to organize things, buy all of one size (if possible) and in ONE colour.

The less visual clutter, the better and it looks super organized.

Put things in baskets for kids

Kids love organizing and helping.

Baby Bun puts away all of his laundry because I don’t iron anything (why? I don’t do it for myself either), and he knows where everything goes.

Socks here, underwear there, outside then inside clothes.

See my Spare Bedroom / Office post here.

Declutter regularly

Lots of little mini breaks during the day that you can use to declutter.

  • Before sleeping, do a quick check around the house
  • Before and after you leave a room, pick up something to return it to another room
  • During TV commercial breaks, wash the dishes, and/or load the dishes

Have an Errands Bag / Box by the door

I love having box of things by the door. I keep the Donation Bag in there (one designated bag of things to donate), letters to mail, things to return to friends, recycling to take out….

Store things where you use them

During our potty training stint until Baby Bun is full, 100% trained with zero accidents, we have started keeping his underwear in the bathroom so that we don’t have to trek to his bedroom to keep getting a fresh pair.

Store things where you use them and save yourself the trouble of going from one room to another, or another to pick up all the things you need for one task.

You can check out the Tour of my Minimalist Home here.

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