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10 Tips to Organize your Life & Home Quickly and Effectively Part One

Here are some fast and quick tips to organize your life that are easy to implement.

You can see some of these tips and tricks in place once you peruse my Tour of My Minimalist Home (I posted various areas).

Don’t try and do all of them at once, start with one tip one day, and another the next day.

Your wallet & keys always go in one place by the door

Whenever I come home, I root through my purse and take out my wallet, keys & iPod touch, and put them in the front hall entryway box.

Every day, same routine, same thing. I never have to hunt for my keys or my wallet, I always know where it is.

Use hooks not hangers

For Baby Bun he loves that he can hang up his jacket like Mommy and Daddy on a hook rather than using a hanger.

Hooks also fit every kind of jacket, so when guests come over, they just hang it on a hook.

Group like things together

In my kitchen I have a tea station (strainer, and tea), and I always keep my scissors with my tape, or envelopes with my address labels and stamps in one area.

Start grouping like things together!

Use S Hooks to keep things things off the floor

In the front hall entryway, but also in my closet, I use these S hooks in the shelving rack to hang bags and things.

It’s handy to just be able to grab the Baby Bun bag (emergency underwear and clothes), and my purse with an empty cotton shopping bag before I head out the door rather than to root around the floor through a mess of bags.

When I come home, my purse gets hung on the hook until I empty out my keys and things into the box in the front, and then I store the purse away.

Label boxes

If you don’t label it, how will you know what’s in there?

A little bit of tape with words, or if you want to go fancy, some paper sticker labels work as well. You can even go fancier than that, and print out the label in neat typeface.

Part Two coming up! In the meantime, you can check out my Minimalist Home.


  • SarahN

    So much yes.

    I loved IKEA when I found oversized S hooks – they used to live in the hall closet for coats, but new home, no closet, so they are in the bedroom serving the same function. I also have a ‘landing station’ and my handbag ALWAYS goes there. I never search for keys or wallets – people do that!? I know they do, but I have never had to since having my own home and this cheap but useful furniture item!

    I should get on labelling boxes more – my washi tape isn’t getting used otherwise!!

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