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How to get rid of anything and declutter your life

A few people have written in to ask how I managed to keep such a pared down bathroom with minimal makeup and toiletries.

I decided to make a post out of my responses in the hopes that it’ll help more of you out there.

Essentially, I pare back by asking myself these following questions.


Is it the product itself or the item that I hate? What is it that I hate about it?

If it’s the scent, it gets tossed immediately. (bye bye sample hairspray!)

If it’s the texture but I can live with it, I tend to keep it and use it up, then never buy it again (Burt’s Bees foot cream falls in this category, plus it also smelled a little too nauseating for my liking.)

If it’s because I prefer another product, I just toss it because I’ll never reach for the one that I don’t like.

For clothing, if it no longer fits, the colour is not flattering or it’s no longer my style, it goes too.

Simple as that.




Maybe you have so much that it’s being obscured and it is overwhelming to not be able to find what you need.

In that case, put it front and center because once you start getting rid of the clutter.

Once you clear out the noise and the surrounding peripherals, it is easier to see what you love and want to use.


If someone else would enjoy this piece or this product, then give it to them instead but ONLY IF THEY WOULD ENJOY IT.

Do not pass on your crap.

Do not give away your clutter.

Do not burden someone else with something they won’t use because they’re too kind to say “No.”

Ask around close friends/family who might want it.

I wouldn’t say regift it per se but say: I have been cleaning out my makeup drawer and these shades would suit you better than me, do you want it?

I’ve given away / gotten a lot of makeup and clothing that way.



The hardest thing would be just to harden your heart, close your eyes, and toss it.

The quickest, least painful way to achieve this is to do the following:

I suggest opening that drawer or closet door, and having 2 baskets.

The minute you pick up / touch an item, decide in that moment to toss or keep it.


Then toss it in the garbage right away (grit your teeth) or keep it.

This is how I pared down my items and got rid of 2 bags of makeup.


To put it another way, clutter is clutter.

Whether you paid $100 or $1 for it, it is taking up real estate space in your bathroom, your mind, your life, and you have to look at it every day, sitting there, reminding you of how clutter-y it is.

You might even feel GUILT looking at it.

Who wants to feel guilt all day long?

Not me.

With those tips above in mind, you should be able to clear it your clutter without a problem and once you start clearing, it’ll get easier and easier. You will also start thinking twice before bringing in items that are going to just sit there.

At least, that has been my experience.

Good luck!

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