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Do you have style in any areas of your life aside from fashion?

Yeah, it’s everywhere from the way I arrange my clothes to my toiletries to my jewelry.

It’s in this blog you’re reading, from the images being circles, to the header I created, custom images for certain lists, etc.

I’m into photography as well, as am amateur, and I enjoy taking pictures, framing shots, and making sure it looks beautiful.

For instance, in this shot of Toronto, I waited about half an hour for the swans to come close together and by luck, they made a sort of heart-shape with their heads (unplanned, but I just wanted them in the shot).


My finances have obviously not escaped this either, because I made my budgeting tool really pretty to be motivating with colours, shades, borders, and how I organized it in my head, along with my new investing tool.

EVERY document I create, I always make it beautiful with colours, borders, etc. It sometimes drives people at work mad because they think I’m trying to show off or that I really enjoy doing documentation, but the truth of the matter is I find plain boring documents very hard to read, and not at all interesting.

If there is some colour, at least you are visually interested and drawn in, and it’ll be a pleasure to hear people exclaim: How organized and attractive this [ document ] is! What a pleasure to be able to read and use it.

My closet has not escaped this either. I have organized everything by category, then sub-category, then by colour, following the rainbow.

You can see the rest of my closet here, and what I have been posting of my home lately. It’s due for an updated post though.

I really love design and art in general, (Adobe Photoshop is amazing) and have always been the type to decorate everything I owned, and for all my projects, I have always spent the most amount of time making sure it looked attractive and presentable.

There’s something about a well-organized, pretty space that draws you in.


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey


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