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Ask Sherry: What fabrics do I like to wear?

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In clothes, what are your favorite fabrics?

All natural if possible, avoiding wool. I find wool and certain cashmeres (the cheap stuff) very itchy on my skin.

Even tags itch my skin and I cut them off most of my clothes because I can’t stand it against my neck.

I cannot have anything touching my skin that will itch it. I am okay with stuff that feels rubbery at times like vegan leather products, but I tend to stick to as natural as possible.

I also like eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo rayon as well, and try my best to avoid cotton because it uses a lot of pesticides and is very water-hungry as a fabric to create.

Which do you find acceptable and which do you like the least?

Natural fabrics would be:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Cashmere / Wool — but only the non-itchy stuff

I also like natural-esque fabrics that are made from things like wood pulp such as:

  • viscose
  • lyocell
  • rayon – wood pulp

I find they don’t itch my skin either and don’t make me hot.

I avoid as much as possible, polyester.

SOME polyester feels very luxurious, and some polyester blends are worthwhile (they help natural fabrics keep their shape), but if I see polyester on the tag I run.

Also, according to weather (cold, warm, hot), what fabrics would you recommend wearing?


Cashmere, Wool, even high quality Polyester blends but it makes you sweaty because it won’t let your skin breathe as you sweat.

I actually wear more layers when it is cold. I wear layered outfits, and then throw a light wool coat over it, or a thicker one that has goose down sort of like this:


No polyester, only cotton, linen and so on. Anything breathable.


Same as warm, but way more fabrics like linen, and clothing that is looser fitting as well as with more spaces or holes (?) in it, or things like split back tops. And lots of linen.

This entire top is linen, there is no lining in the jacket at the back for airflow and it is there for when I enter A/C blasted buildings and want to stay warm.

Linen especially lets your skin feel cool and breathe.

I know they have manmade products that wick away sweat and moisture but to be honest I have never tried these technical fabrics except in yoga pants, and I find these yoga pants do indeed keep my legs very cool in the summer.

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  • Xin

    We may feel almost the exact same way about our fabric preferences: For non-activewear I avoid polyester as much as I can, though I can’t really completely avoid polyester blends in my work wardrobe. Not a lot of women’s suiting in my price range that doesn’t contain at least some polyester!

    I’m quite fond of how viscose, rayon, modal, and all the other wood pulp-type fabrics feel when worn, though I’ve sometimes had mixed luck with how they do in the laundry. (Lots of mysterious shrinkage of rayon products even when they’re machine-washed in cold water in a mesh bag and line-dried…)

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      It is kind of shameful how much polyester has gotten into all of our fabrics. I try NOT TO buy it, I really do. I can tell when a fabric feels and looks cheap, will pill easily.. all things I loathe.

      Rayon products for me have not been a problem, but I do wash them and hang dry.. OMG. Do you think my CLOTHES shrunk and I am not the one who got fat!?!? Brilliant.

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