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Finding and creating perfect winter wool white or ivory trousers / pants

…this is nearly impossible, trying to find the perfect pair of winter white pants/trousers to wear, without spending a ton of money.

I have been hunting for a good 5 years now. 5 years!!!! For white wool pants that are perfectly draped and reasonably priced!

The problem with white pants in general is that they’re never lined, and if they’re lined and have pockets, the pockets ALWAYS show through at the back or the front, which ruins the look of a sleek, winter white pair of trousers.

A while ago, I had picked up a pair of 97% wool, 3% spandex winter white wool pants from Banana Republic in the Martin Fit (my favourite!!) for 40% off (came to about $80 total, made in Bahrain), and was dismayed to see that you could SEE the pocket lining in the front and back through the trousers.

In the picture below, you can’t see this because they used really good lighting and probably Photoshopped the shadows out from the front and back….

…..but TRUST ME when I say even the palest person on the block would have these big squares shining through the pants in front and on their butts in these pants.


The cobalt blue version (also the only other pair that was 97% wool and 3% spandex with the perfect drape) had no such problem because it’s dark enough to hide the shadow of the pocket lining against your skin, but white and ivory are tricksy colours to wear without looking naked underneath.

My solution?

Keep them… because where ELSE am I going to find 97% wool 3% spandex, perfectly draped winter white wool trousers made in Bahrain for only $80?

…and get the pockets removed for $20.

That’s my big secret. GET THOSE POCKETS REMOVED. Voila. Problem solved.

You could also go the more expensive route and buy thicker lining and ask them to double-line until you can’t see the pockets, but I am not that obsessed with pockets that I don’t ever really use anyway (it looks weird and bulge-y when I do).

To get the pockets removed from the back and from the front, and to have them sewn shut (obviously, otherwise it looks like there are gaping holes on the side), costs $20 at As you like it tailoring shop in Yorkville.

For about $100, I have the perfect pair of winter white trousers to wear.

Otherwise, I would have had to dish out about $300 – $600 for an expensive pair of white wool pants that are double-lined and thick enough to not show the pocket linings.

I can pay $300 – $2000 for a great coat, but not for pants.


The lesson of the day: You can fix anything with tailoring, but be sure to go and ask the price of such alterations BEFORE committing to the cost.

Have you done anything similar, tailoring wise?


  • Taylor Lee @ Yuppie Millennial

    All my alterations are for fit since I only buy lined dresses and darker pants.

    Completely unrelatedly (though involving pants) when I was sitting on the subway recently I saw this woman standing on the opposite side wearing the most gorgeous black linen pants. Long, matte texture, straight leg, and super luxe. Almost asked her where she’d gotten them, except then I’d have to admit I had been staring at her butt.

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