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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Things your children likely don’t want to keep from your home


These are 10 things your kids likely don’t ever want from your home. For the books – I think it depends. The cookbooks, yes I could take a good chunk of them, but other general interest ones, I will likely pass on. I am also more into e-books these days, as books are heavy, they take up space and they aren’t easily deleted. I am also getting used to e-book reading over regular reading, and do not miss the turn of the page as much. The only books I buy are hardcovers that are usually full-page photographs or things that require full colour to appreciate the book itself.


I don’t know about you, but between working from home, and homeschooling, my mug of tea gets cold very quickly as I get pulled in many different directions. May I offer you a First World Problem solution? It’s this induction mug warmer. You need to use your (or the included) ceramic mug, and with induction, you can keep your mug warm when the mug is on the tray, or it shuts off when there isn’t a mug on there.

3. Schadenfreude

Here I am panicking a little that maybe my closet is getting out of control and this woman didn’t want to let go of 300 pairs of shoes. (For the record I have 50, but that includes winter boots and the like). Her love for clothing which mirrors mine, seems to (oddly enough) validate that I am not alone in feeling like I kind of love most of my things. She ended up paring down to 100 pairs of shoes. I wish I could watch the episode to just see what she has! *loves peeking into people’s closets* Her before and after photos of her condo are astounding, and seeing her paring down thought process.

4. Trunked

Maybe I am too practical but this car trunk organizer is a must-have, with lots of compartments so you can put things like blankets, spare shopping bags, and your groceries into them so they don’t roll all over the place. I am sort of wondering how you would keep things organized if you didn’t have one of these. It is so handy and lightweight, plus easy to wash if anything spills on it.


..on resale as an industry that is. I am all for this Resale Boom showing no signs of stopping, as it moves the economy of style more into a circular one rather than a cheap, mainstream, disposable one. As stated in this Instagram Post video, if you’d buy Zara new, you can now buy Sézane secondhand, or if you’d buy Sézane new, you can pick up Isabel Marant instead.


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The push of secondhand fashion opens up  new realms of retail shopping that would otherwise be financially prohibitive. I can certainly tell you I won’t be the type to typically spend $500 on a blouse or a skirt, but if I can get that same item secondhand for $100, I certainly would, over buying a cheap polyester version at H&M or Zara for the same price.


Speaking of books I buy, I recently picked up these books related to Hermès and I am astounded at how nice they are:


The breakdown of Indo-Chinese cooking in little cute images on Instagram is really a must-see if you enjoy cooking. Click on the RIGHT ARROW on top of the images to flip to the next slide. It is almost like a template for how to cook Indo-Chinese style. I want to try and employ some of these techniques:


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8. peppeRY

I have never wanted a pair of earrings more in my life. I just discovered Kate Wood jewellery, and this particular pair of earrings remind me of the pepper branches! The original design is actually based on catkins of hazelnut trees but I think they look like long peppers, or black pepper plants with their little pods peeking out. She has them in an ombré purple as well.

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