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Year 2020 In Review: What I Read

STATS: I read 217 Books in 2020

Yes. I read 217 books. I am mildly surprised because I did not read that much in 2019. I think just .. reading like crazy has helped me pass the time after I got over the initial fatigue and stress of uncertanity of life.

P.S. All of my previous What I read posts and my What I read Summary from 2019.

I get these questions a lot here, and also via Instagram, etc so:

Where do I get my books?

A lot of you have asked and I generally don’t buy books unless they’re secondhand and in ebook format, for many reasons – price, environmental, space, and even then, I don’t buy books. I borrow them.

I read them on my Kobo ereader (also secondhand), and check out books from the library from Overdrive. If the book isn’t there, I generally don’t read it, UNLESS.. it is a book I REALLY REALLY want to read, then I MAY consider buying it if I cannot wait for it or find it. So far, I have only done this for Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Libraries are a gift, and we pay for them in our taxes yearly even if you don’t personally use them, so thanks.

How do I know what to read?

I don’t. I see recommendations and make notes, or put it on my Wishlist / On hold. I sometimes go into bookstores and browse, then decide if it is worth getting from the library. Or in secondhand stores, I pick up or buy books only if they’re photography / style-related where pictures and colour are a MUST (the one drawback to an e-reader).

I purchased only two physical books that I couldn’t / didn’t want to buy in e-book format: Distinction (it was cheaper secondhand than the e-book), & Scoff (not available in ebook format at all).

Don’t you prefer physical books?

Who doesn’t!?

Aside from the cost, the space they take up, how heavy they are (we have a small bookshelf, most of it is Little Bun), I find them heavy to hold and hard to read in rooms unless there is bright daylight or very strong lamp light (I suffer from aura migraines and I’ve noticed dim light or lack of light triggers it when I am reading). I really like that the ebook illuminates the book.

I’d rather carry my entire library around with me in an ebook reader, plus be able to read with a backlight on.

I am currently considering a library option however only because we plan on buying a larger home in the future and I could allow a small library in my closet, perhaps. Likely, it will only be filled with photography and style books.

Where do I find the time to read?

I just make time for it. I have no other answer…

I’ve noticed if I am not watching TV shows, or aimlessly browsing on Instagram, I seem to have plenty of time to read if I am able to foist Little Bun off on my partner and/or keep him occupied otherwise. I can go through a lot of books in a short amount of time if I am both interested, reasonably well-rested (or in a good mental state, not in limbo or stressed out) and the book itself is engrossing.


  • Beatriz Williams: Fiction (based in the 20s-50s)
  • Kate Quinn: Historical fiction – both characters in the past, but also fantastic ficion
  • Michelle Moran: Historical fiction – I cannot put her books down
  • Emma Campion: Historical fiction
  • Shannon Mayer: Fantasy fiction writer
  • Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen: Thriller / Mystery – they’re haunting, and really get into your brain
  • Elin Hilderbrand: Chicklit – not necessarily “OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS”, but a nice read for the brain
  • Sonali Dev: Chicklit with an Indian flair which I adore
  • Grace Lin: Fantastic Chinese fairytales
  • Sherry Thomas: Sherlock Holmes twist, now it’s Charlotte Holmes
  • Christina Lauren: Gripping characters for chicklit
  • Fredrik Backman: His books show such a 360 view of every aspect of the characters and angle of the book that it’s stunning
  • Tim Harford: Excellent books that talk about the economy in a smart, witty way


MONEY: 9 Books

FOOD: 8 Books




MEMOIRS: 4 Books


STYLE: 3 Books

LEARNING: 11 Books



CHICK-LIT: 51 Books




FICTION: 15 Books

Overwhelmed? Here are my picks for 2020

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