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Mariage Frères: Covent Garden Hazelnut Jardin Premier Black Tea Review

A tip of the hat to Mariage Frères’ tea emporium located in the heart of swinging London, COVENT GARDEN MORNING® is a blend of luscious black teas evoking rich hazelnut.

The liquor unleashes warm and reassuring tones, sustained by smooth, generous flavours.

For bright mornings.


Womp womp. I paid good money for this, and I can BARELY SMELL any hazelnut let alone taste it.

It for me, just tastes like any other black tea. I am too unsophisticated of a rube to appreciate it because it doesn’t taste anything like what I expected, not even a hint.

I do however, add a splash of cold milk so maybe that ruins the liquor of this hazelnut flavour? Whatever it is, I am going to drink it like a plain black tea and be done with it.

Bye bye.

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