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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

These retirement charts are SCARY.

I should really only have about $31,644 saved by these charts’ accounts because I am in the lower end of the 32-37 working age range.

So here I am freaking out over only having about $200,000 saved in my retirement accounts and for living (this is after buying my condo in cash this year), but it is nothing compared to what people have actually saved.

That’s not to say that I will just sit around idly and not save MORE money for retirement, because my goal was a home completely paid for and $1M in assets by the time I feel secure enough to consider retiring.

Check and ..working on it. ūüėČ

H/T to Revanche for leading me to Maggie.

  • I cannot, CANNOT live without this blender. It made my butternut squash puree so incredibly smooth and velvety…
  • I let Baby Bun play in the sand and then if he licks his hands after, fine, but he tends not to because sand is not yummy. You should let your kids eat sand.
  • I bought this in an attempt to stop paying so much money for drycleaning because it is EXPENSIVE. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll review it, I promise.
  • Do take the time to read¬†6 women and how they’re handling their debt….¬†Just reading their stories brought me back to when I was $60,000 in debt and what I did to clear it in 18 months. I particularly liked this part: “…my dad took the checkbook away and my mom was screwed. Having control of your finances gives you power, and I didn’t ever want anyone to have that power over me.” Exactly why I pay 50% of the expenses, whether I work or not. I like separate bank accounts and separate finances. I feel independent and know I am relying on myself & damn proud of it.
  • I had purchased this gorgeous cuff from a very unusual designer (think boho, patina, modern), and I cannot stop wearing it. It is insanely pretty.
  • I had no idea who Lucky Blue Smith was (what an unusual name for a boy), but he is apparently the most in-demand model in the world, but I only found out about him via watching #ProjectRunway… On the show, he seems so shy, calm and nice. I also rather love that leather jacket he had on…
  • Leather leggings are becoming my new “jeans at the playground”, and this pair is an inexpensive way to get onto the staple. I treat them as though they ARE jeans…. They’re a real staple.
  • It is harder for women to not only get promoted, but when you push for what you are worth, you are dinged for negotiating. I know this from experience. I have so many horror stories from being a young woman in STEM, to being told I am flat out wrong when I was 100% correct… to just being undermined on a daily basis at work because I don’t look like a typical “woman in a STEM career with a brain” (read: flat, sturdy, practical shoes, terrible ill-fitting outfits and buck teeth with glasses, I’d wager). The times I have heard men behind my back, insinuate or out right say¬†things about women¬†and their abilities have made me seethe with rage, but have rendered me helpless to say or do anything owing to my precarious (lowly) consultant position.
  • Am dying for this blazer to go on sale. I tried on a Size 2¬†(I am a US 6 in the shoulders), and it is perfection, and the undercollar is gorgeous too.
  • Does this actually happen? Do people¬†actually order $700 bottles of wine and then expect you to pick up the tab!?!?!
  • I am about to take the plunge on leopard print pumps and these ones look incredible.


  • Maggie @ Northern Expenditure

    I’m sorry that’s the post you found. ūüôā But yes, the state of retirement is dismal and while it makes us all feel GREAT about being so far ahead of everyone else, it also makes us want to buckle down and get literally “off the charts”! Thanks for the mention.

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