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How my style has evolved over the years

1. I don’t even attempt super high heels any more

When I was 12, I wanted (desperately) a pair of these horrible black platform shoes. I bought them with my earned money and my mom made me return them because they were 4″ of platform and they just looked HORRIBLE.

Then I tried 4″ heels for a wedding once and couldn’t even make it out of the subway station without wincing in pain. I looked great sitting and standing, but NOT WALKING.

I was in so much pain, it was not chic and I vowed to never do that again.

3.5″ is my maximum and I am the most comfortable there.

2. Nothing too tight or constricting up top any more

I used to be OK with wearing strapless or halter items, but now that feeling of being sucked in and bandaged with a top, or being tied at the neck with some straps is no longer OK for me.

I don’t want to be uncomfortable not to mention having to constantly hike my top up.

3. I know what I will and won’t wear

Skinny strapped spaghetti dresses? No way.

Super shapeless clothing? Nope.

Cropped tops? HAH!


4. No more tacky fabrics, colours and patterns

Leopard print mixed with florals in a top from Wet Seal? Nope.

Bright fluorescent orange sweater that resembled a traffic cone? Yeah, no.

That went into the Goodwill bin a long time ago.

I used to have terrible taste in fabrics when I was a teenager. Really, REALLY terrible taste.

5. Higher quality fabrics

I used to wear a lot of polyester and very cheap looking fabrics. Now, I’ve started to gravitate towards more natural fabrics which has made my outfits look much better than before, even in just wearing a regular old t-shirt.

6. Specific colours never make it into my wardrobe

For some reason, orange and pastels are missing in my wardrobe completely, and yellow is only represented by one silk top.

No pale colours, neutrals, muted pastels.. I have tried, and I hate them.

7. Less variety in coats and footwear

I can’t say the same about my clothing but I am now specific about what boots I own (with specific purposes), and my coats are pretty limited now, believe it or not.


8. My personal style is very clear now

I am not a fan of grunge, atheleisure-wear (yoga pants as pants) or looking like a slobby messs.

Some girls pull it off wonderfully and look bohemian and I am not one of those girls unless it’s by mistake or I just really didn’t care.


  • Lynn Ling

    Despite living 1000s of miles away, I have come to the same conclusion. No cheap fabric, no specific color. No super high heels (after I fall down on a stage) Guess that’s part of growing up.

  • The Asian Pear

    I’m still playing around with my personal style. I think it’s changed a bit since I’ve lost weight too so my wardrobe is somewhat in transition right now…

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