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Classic Parisian Outfit #2: The BCBG Casual Luxe

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BCBG = Bon chic, bon genre… meaning good taste and class.

Anyway, I saw a lot of this happening and it is the quintessential minimalist, can-do-it-all outfit for a casual weekend, sightseeing, brunch.. you name it!

It is basically an oversized sweater, skinnier pants and flats.

I love the look because it is easy to do, chic and it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard and you can twist or mix up the components depending on how you feel that day.

A dressier flat (pointy) makes the look more polished, but a rounded ballerina toe or a moto boot, dresses it down, even with the same oversized sweater & skinny jeans.


This is kind of what I wear, oversized sweaters and skinny pants with flats.


1. Sweater two sizes too big

2. Slim pants

3. Flats / Flat Boots

Oversized sweater

Preferably cashmere but it doesn’t have to be! Something luxe and lightweight and OVERSIZED!

Buy one, two sizes bigger and wear it half tucked in front if it looks too baggy, or leave it out.

Skinny Jeans / Cropped Pants / Cigarette Pants / Leggings

Fitted pants, basically. They can be cropped, or longer, and as long as they are slim against the oversized feel of the sweater, they will look fantastic with the contrast of oversized & slim together.

I also love the look of it with cigarette pants (cropped slim pants), or leggings if you want to be super comfortable.

What’s nice is you can wear any colour of pant, although neutral colours are best for a minimal, easy-throw-on-and-go effect, but even bright red would look nice if the sweater was a beige or ivory.

Ballet Flats / Flats / Loafers / Boots

Pointed or not, boots or slip ons, but flats are a must! No major heels unless you really want to make it super dressy.

Honestly, this is a casual luxe look. Flats are where it’s at. Ballet toes or pointed would be the simplest options.

Then you can wear lace up flats instead for something different, or throw on a sleek ankle boot, or a moto boot. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Plenty of mix & match options here.


How great is this combination!?

All of my Parisian Style & Wardrobe Posts can be found here.


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    i’ve actually wanted to recreate this look for a while now but wasn’t sure how the sweaters were so perfectly loose. i guess it should have dawned on me that i should just size up. lol!!! thanks for the style inspiration!

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