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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: How to save money starting young

What I liked this week:


  • Baby Bun is SO on track according to this really visual, and excellent Compounding Interest Guide. He is 2 years old with a little over $10,000 saved and invested. I wonder where the compounding interest chart is for Eager Little Savers. That said, what he has invested is for his education not for retirement at this point. I’ll be getting him started on retirement ASAP as well. The chart however is unrealistic because who has $850 to save each month at the age of 25?
  • looks so much more chic and expensive than its price tag.
  • When women enter a male dominated field, the pay drops because they think it is easy and doesn’t need as much skill if women are doing it successfully. #drippingsarcasm
  • I really like this  and I am tempted to try out a few more styles they have like , and and .
  • I wash my face twice a day. Once in the morning when I wake, and before I sleep. I wonder what everyone else does.
  • Love , it looks really chic and stylish
  • In jewellery, mix diamonds with tusks. High & Low. You heard it here first.
  • is really… delicious. So liquid and shiny. I’d wear it with .
  • Grechen wrote an excellent introspective post asking us how we shop, fast, slow, seasonal or constant. I shop seasonally and kind of whenever I see something incredible that would be great on me (AND COMFORTABLE). I am veering away from bright colourful things as I age, but that doesn’t mean I dress completely in neutrals all day long. I’m a waffler. I waffle.
  • This maxi wrap skirt is both sexy but demure at the same time and the raspberry colour of this wrap maxi dress is phenomenal.
  • I think Picasso is the only painter who was rich before he died, and did not die in poverty like most great artists.
  • in a neutral is my pick for a classic work blouse along with .
  • I am in the realm of being a $1000 shoe-lover... but I buy them secondhand. I can’t quite pay $1000 for a pair of shoes yet. Maybe I will in the future if the secondhand designer market dries up but for now, I am content to buy them used.
  • This maxi dress in a floral print would be perfect for summer, flowy and pretty.
  • While I wholeheartedly agree with this article’s general premise of bullying, I am not loving that there’s an association of stylishness being the domain of those who are shallow bullies. I was bullied my entire childhood and teenage-hood, and even though I am into style and fashion now it doesn’t mean I will be a bully. No need to embrace any flannel to find your inner Nice Person. It’s your environment and the way you raise them.
  • This navy tailored wrap jump suit is SO NOT MY THING until I saw it and realized, it kind of isfor the price tag.
  • THIS, my friends is how you dice an onion [Video below]

Okay these onion chopping skills are out of this world! Dope video taken by Monica Cruz.

Posted by Food Porn on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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