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Lusting after a new leather jacket

Okay, so I really don’t need a new leather jacket, but I’ve wanted a dark one for a while now. Dark grey, or black, but a black that doesn’t LOOK black, if that makes sense.

Something more ruffled and casual than my (adored) cognac-coloured current sleek, slim, minimalist Perfecto jacket from m0851 which looks like this.



I’ve been eying leather jackets at All Saints because although they LOOK sleek and slim like m0851 jackets, the leather is thicker, more tumbled and rougher.

These are the styles I’ve been eying lately from them, but can’t quite buy any because $500+ is a lot of money, and they don’t make me scream: OMG YES THIS IS THE ONE!

I haven’t tried any of them on except the Belvedere, and I liked how rumpled and messy it looked, like a cardigan but in a leather form.



It does not look as sleek as in this photo. When you put it on, it rumples up and is way more casual.




I like the blazer feel of this one. No enclosures because I rarely EVER zip up my jackets. I just don’t like the kind of crocodile-look or finish to it.. but maybe it looks better in person.


The Belevedere jacket above looks more like the texture of this one. This one has more stuff on it, especially with the quilted shoulders.

All-Saints-Cargo-Biker-Jacket-Closed-Black All-Saints-Cargo-Biker-Jacket


I am undecided for this grey because to me, it isn’t dark enough and looks to elephant-y.


I also really liked the Kenya jacket from Mackage in this perfect shade of Gunmetal Grey from Aritzia last year, but they didn’t have my size, so I wasn’t about to fork over $500 for a jacket that didn’t fit.


Now they only have black and a range of browns (I don’t want another brown jacket, I want a DARK GREY ONE).

I tried on the black Kenya jacket in the gold hardware and the silver hardware, and oddly enough the Kenya jacket with gold hardware was SUPER soft and buttery, but the one with the silver hardware felt like cheap plastic.

I feel like every time they make something for Aritzia, they cheap out on the quality. I’d rather buy an actual MACKAGE jacket, not a Mackage for Aritzia jacket.

Alas, a girl can dream, right?


  • MelD

    But you were looking at blue, too? Tell me I’m not senile – I’ve been thinking of you whenever I saw inky blue leather jackets for a year, now… ;o LOL

  • The Asian Pear

    omg. Yes. I’ve been totally TOTALLY eyeing that trench I posted on my blog. SO PRETTY. But I’m avoiding it like mad. MAD!

  • Michelle's Finance Journal

    I’ve been wanting a leather jacket for a long long time, but didn’t find one that fit my budget and style. I finally got one last one for my birthday. I mean I picked it out and hubby bought it. haha~ I just love it. You can certainly dream and when you’re ready, get it.

  • Jane Savers @ Solving The Money Puzzle

    You won’t be able to do it up this winter so there is no rush to buy.

  • MelD

    Didn’t you just get an inky blue supersoft one for $$ last winter?! Surprised you’re looking again!

    • save. spend. splurge.

      No I bought a cognac (brown) coloured one last winter, but I am finding I have a lot of brown leather bags, so it just all looks BROWN when I go out. Sometimes I just need something dark and NOT brown.

  • Tania

    My favorite leather jackets were made in the US by a company called Mike & Chris. You’d love them although they were lighter weight (sold well in California and other not as cold states). They are defunct but I do see their jackets on the secondhand market. I’ve sold a few of mine as well that were XS as it is unlikely I’ll be so tiny again as I’m not as active as I used to be and I prefer now to keep outerwear in a size that fits me over a range of sizes. Love All Saints too! I have their Damisi boots.

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