Save. Spend. Splurge.

I found the most amazing leather jacket I’ll never wear

And it’s this Tom Ford, Spring / Summer 2013 — Leather jacket


… except I’ll never ever spend all that money to wear something that is so clearly specific and out-there, it was still a nice piece I’d love to have in my closet and wear once in a while.

Nina Garcia on Project Runway Season 12 Episode 12 – Butterfly Effect was wearing it and I just fell in love with it.

Nina-Garcia-Black-Leather-Coat-Butterfly-Effect-Season-12-Episode-12 Nina-Garcia-Black-Leather-Coat-Butterfly-Effect-Season-12-Episode-12-2 Nina-Garcia-Black-Leather-Coat-Butterfly-Effect-Season-12-Episode-12-3 Nina-Garcia-Black-Leather-Coat-Butterfly-Effect-Season-12-Episode-12-4 Nina-Garcia-Black-Leather-Coat-Butterfly-Effect-Season-12-Episode-12-5

And here it is on a model in Elle magazine, although she makes it look a bit trashy



Anyway, I like all the belts (obviously) and the skin cutouts on the arm… I’d just never buy it or wear it more than once or twice.



  • Steph

    How much is this jacket and where did you find it to purchase??

  • Tania

    I’ve had a girl crush on Nina Garcia since the beginning of PR. She is just so amazing. Yes, the cut-outs wouldn’t keep you very warm in Canada right? But I can actually see using this jacket on the west coast of the US a lot more but unzipped with a thin white ribbed tank and distressed jeans or over a floral print chiffon dress or a jersey knit dress with an asymmetrical hem. Black ankle booties with all three outfits.

    It’s nice to be able to admire design and not have to buy it necessarily.

  • Lila

    You have amazing taste. I LOVE this jacket!

  • Giselle

    I loved this jacket too! I have been looking for the designer everywhere. Thanks so much! Any idea on where you can purchase it online or at least look up the price? I have looked everywhere, but no one seems to sell Tom Ford clothes online or in stores. Any ideas?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      So this is from Tom Ford’s 2013 Spring/Summer line, which is already last season. My guess is that it’s sold out.. I can’t seem to find it anywhere 🙁

      You could try emailing Tom Ford themselves to see if it is still in stock.

  • Corina

    The “model” in Elle is Nikki Minaj – be default she is a bit trashy – even the jacket can’t save her:-)I think it fits a long lean body – otherwise it’s a bit S&M- no?

  • MelD

    I usually like your taste but this one – nah… Still, good thing we’re all different!

  • Bridget

    It’s pretty rad but I feel like my arms would get cold — though if you wore it over a long-sleeve top it would look awesome.

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