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An Ideal Chic Minimalist Parisian Wardrobe: The Clothes

Everyone wants the ideal wardrobe particularly if it is Parisienne and Chic.


Well.. this is it. At least, it’s MY ideal.

If I could only pick 30 50* pieces for the entire year, and I had the idea of a chic, minimalist wardrobe in mind, this is what I’d pick.

*Yes I totally cheated and picked everything first before deciding on the number.



I cover the gamut with plain shirts that I can wear under blazers, work shirts that are not too skimpy so I can wear them alone, and easy pieces that aren’t repeats.




Dressy sweaters, sort-of blazer sweaters… this is right up my alley of being perfect to mix and match with any top above.

I had to throw a black turtleneck in there because.. AUDREY HEPBURN.

The two jackets at the bottom (white and cobalt blue) are almost identical repeats but they’re so PERFECT for wearing over dresses, pants, etc.



Blazers to throw over anything, or leather jackets.

I guess this should have been under tops or sweaters as well but.. hey who’s counting?

Surprisingly, a topper that has leather sleeves has both been chic, trendy and timeless. It’s like wearing something cool and casual without wearing a leather jacket, so I wear it at work.. A LOT.

I don’t wear leather pieces at work normally as part of my workwear, but this is one exception.


For work, for play and for lounging at home.

Work at the top, play in the middle (skinny, cargos and bootcut jeans).. then sweatpants and leggings at the bottom made the list for home wear along with white jersey trousers because you need to have them with a striped top.

You just need them. End of discussion.



I’m a huge fan of the pencil skirt, so I needed one in ivory, black, a bold graphic print.. then a floral and a stripe to round things off.

8 PERFECT DRESSES super formal grey sheath (I kind of loathe wearing all black), two work dresses and a dress that is fancy formal that can also be dressed down or up.

Then at the bottom, casual dresses. One bright one, one casual shirtdress, one casual summer flirty dress and a maxi.


To cover Autumn, Spring and Winter of course.

A dark grey funnel jacket, a tailored camel one, a super bright coloured jacket for some pop.

Then casual, warmer jackets at the bottom, particularly a trench coat and a short utility jacket.

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  1. Lori

    Thanks for this post! This is a great goal that I am going to aim for, one piece at a time 🙂

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Slowly but surely 🙂

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