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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Brides for sale – Bulgaria’s Roma Bride Market


A fascinating video about brides for sale in Bulgaria. Unmarried women, married off to financially stable men, a tale as old as time. They go to a Bride Market, and try to catch the eye of a rich man.

AND OF COURSE she has to be a virgin. DUH. Because boys can f*ck around but girls have to keep their family’s honour in their vaginas. It honestly sounds like a form of imprisonment – girls can’t go out or do anything without permission. *disgusted*

Also, virgin girls have to stay untouched or else they lose their value and will get sold for next to nothing. Like cattle.

And no surprise, lighter skinned women are preferred and more beautiful.

That said, the whole market sort of makes sense from a social perspective – young people have to meet somehow if they want to inbreed and stay within their own kind/culture.

In fact, in Thailand, the king annointed a hot young royal consort, only to strip her of her title and publicly shame her… for basically being his mistress. This world is f*cked up.

He obviously was under pressure from the public and his official wife (his third…) to do so. Men, apparently can do whatever they want, women are just pawns and the aftermath of their tantrums and whims.

The perfect casual, yet sexy boot appropriate for work and play. I really love the colour, the slouchiness…. Tuck it into skinny jeans… wear it with a skirt…

A great article talking about the voting power of index funds and passive investing..

I am really into maxi coats lately, and maxi duster coats…. and this maxi is right up my alley, along with the stunning pine green colour. It’s almost all sold out!!!

Speaking of investing, the Feds cutting the rate sends the yield curve back to normal and avoids a drop in the stock market. Have you learned about this yield curve? It is a great indicator of if we are heading into a recession or not. I just learned about it!

For all of you Australians out there, this money book is a must read, with its money-saving and tax-saving brilliance. Honestly, I don’t love everything he says, because I think credit cards are like tools and if used wisely, can yield thousands in cashback each year (I literally consider it my side income). But other than that, this The Barefoot Investor book is excellent to read, even if you “know everything” about money, you may pick up something new.

Lastly, I was quoted in – Minimalist Parenting written by SheKnows. Thank you for the feature!


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