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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the highest paid women are compared against highest paid men


For people earning an average income, the gender pay gap is typically around 20%. For the ultra-rich, however, women make 60-71.76% less than men in a whopping 37 different states. 

Speaking of salaries, go here and sign up for Career Contessa’s The Salary Project. I did, and it is very cool to see what women earn around the world. Highest paid? Business Development Manager in Grand Rapids, MI aged 27-29 KILLING IT with a $525,000 salary!!!! <3 … and lowest paid? In Nigeria, a graphic designer makes $1000 a year, aged 21-23. In Montreal where I live, two people aged 24-29 earn about $30,000 – $45,000. as junior account managers and Business Development Managers respectively.

I am still after all this time, in love with Grana silk shirts and tank tops which are really amazing for the quality considering their ridiculously low price.

A single mom by choice: This is really fantastic to read. The last stigma in society we have yet to address is the Single Mother one.

This dress is $450 and will make you look like Grandma meets Little House on the Prairie, guaranteed. HOW DO DESIGNERS GET AWAY WITH THIS UGLY CRAP!?

Stop taking on emotional burdens that are not your own, especially at work. I have a personal rule to NEVER APOLOGIZE unless I am directly at fault, which I work very hard to make sure never happens.

You can never, ever go wrong with a classic camel coat. I would buy this coat, in this colour and this cut, over anything black, grey, wrap.. etc. It is such a classic, stylish piece that will elevate any outfit.

This is absolutely my heart (very very funny). I am working on it though. Trying to be more zen and yoga IS helping.

Oooooo a gorgeous cashmere wrap under $200. I am all over this if I didn’t already own something similar.

Hmm.. maybe I could be an extra on a movie set if the chips are down.

HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS WRAP STRIPED SKIRT? Just don’t look at the price tag. Srsly. But it is reversible.. it’s like 2 skirts for the price of one? 🙂

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