Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 25 Profound Sayings from Ordinary People

I read this, and was blown away. They are so right. Some of these sayings, are just seeing things a different way. Main message? Let go of it. Whatever it is. My quote is the one above. I live by it.

Okay, so these shoes are really not in my league any more. First of all, it’s a retail price. Secondly, where would I wear them? But I think they’re beautiful anyway.

These dances below are MESMERIZING. The first one starts a bit late in the video, but is worth a watch. Only the feet move, what CONTROL.

This second dance is him dancing BLINDFOLDED in a mall, skipping over the bamboo rods you see below.

I LOVE this Ibiza Tote Bag from Banana Republic. I like the mix of the pattern, the fun little pom poms…. I have no idea why I am so obsessed with straw bags lately. They seem so dang impractical and yet I love them.

Zoocasa shows where the buyers’ and sellers’ markets are across Canada. I believe it.

In Montreal, real estate has been booming lately, and this just reaffirms our lucky break in having purchased when we did (at the bottom of the market), because just a short time after, the real estate market started to pick back up. Had we waited, we would have paid at least $50K over what we ended up paying, for a similar if not smaller abode and definitely without two indoor parking spots. O_o

What is it with me and the banana print lately? I love this printed banana top from Top Shop as well.

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