Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

By the way, I have all of my #OOTD shots on my ShopStyle feed here or my LikeToKnow.It feed. If Instagram would get their #@(%# together, I would be able to post in real-time too as I post on Instagram, but right now the connection is wonky so the photos may not be there in a timely manner depending on when I get a decent Internet connection & Baby Bun-free time.

  • Why we wear grey so much is an interesting piece. Basically, it’s comforting to have it as a non-committal dark neutral that isn’t black.
  • I finally found the vegan burger recipe that is satisfying for meat-eaters like myself, and yet is not made with mushrooms or covered in cheese. Impossible? NOT AT ALL. You should also try my Crisp Green Apple & Coconut Smoothie to go with it. Baby Bun is a hog for both. He hassles me until I feed him to the inch of his life.
  • These Dolly Wink liquid eyeliners are like a felt tipped marker and are super easy to use not to mention, super cheap! I have a stock I am working through.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker narrates 1920s fashion and 1950s fashion. Her voice is so soothing and calm, I could listen to her read all day. From the 1920s, I love the sleek flapper look but can’t seem to pull off a cloche, yet wear fedoras like they’re going out of style.  My absolute favourite summer raffia fedora that is very well made is by Tilley. For the 1950s, the wrapped jackets, skirts & dresses, and that New Look with that nipped in waist is my everything (although I still like to eat so no thank you to corsets or dieting).
  • This show Barely Famous never fails to have me in stitches. It is a mockumentary!
  • I am interested in purchasing these patterns in the future to make my own shawl collar coats and this classic wrap dress, but I get to go and pick the fabrics I want — luxurious jersey silk and/or gorgeous cashmere maybe. It’d cost less than a designer coat, anyway.
  • I just realized that Ted Baker has the prettiest floral printed scarves! I like this one too.
  • Travel a lot? Are you sure? This was a TOUGH quiz. I am not ashamed to say I only scored a 12/20. I don’t study nor memorize countries, but this quiz is for the truly well-traveled or geographically minded.
  • This faux fur stole is a super stylish piece you can throw over a blazer or coat and make it look fantastic. You can see my looks here, here and here. I’d probably wear it over this gorgeous, GORGEOUS pink pleated gown. My goodness. *hearts in eyes*
  • People try coffee for the first time…..  I still have not even tried coffee properly to be honest. I can’t drink it, too much caffeine (as I found out from tea), makes me really sick. So yeah, count me as one of those few left in the world who has never had coffee willingly. Oh wait, I lied. I have ONCE sipped the wrong drink order (some caramel macchiato thing) given to me and immediately spat it back out because I could smell and taste the coffee even just from a sip.
  • I love this vee neck wrap dress, it is so pretty and stylish but this tweed frayed hem dress is perfect for work.
  • The psychology of a sample sale really caught my attention, and it makes me think of the Roman games where they used to make gladiators fight in the circus in lieu of actually going off to war themselves, the same way people say modern sports these days has replaced warfare. I guess shopping is another kind of warfare, and it definitely gets my adrenaline up… and anxiety because I hate being in crowds.


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