Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where parenting in Nepal is fascinating

15 Surprising things to Parenting in Nepal – I love these experiences because it is such a wonderful look into the different ways parents and communities react to children.

I really want a leather braided belt, and it looks like a men’s belt from Land’s End will be the cheapest option for this piece.

Musings from Money Diarists on their most expensive purchases .. Other than my house and car, I’d say my clothing gets really expensive, mostly my Burberry coats…

I really adore this gold-flecked black shirt, it is both boho and yet stylish. It has great balloon sheer sleeves, and a gold-flecked top.

Why all the hate against a supermodel who is hot, who can code? Seriously?

This is a fantastic striped wrap trench dress by Banana Republic. I am waiting for a sale but the quality is fantastic.

Xin’s thoughts on Money Diaries and the whole situation with people crapping on those who are young and make big salaries, were very thoughtful.

We don’t get Japan Exclusive items in Canada but this white pleated skirt with buttons looks so delightfully retro chic.


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