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Ask Sherry: What is the best investment you’ve ever made?

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What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made? (Could be an investment of money, time, energy, etc.)

My education is definitely one.

Man, when I saw $60,000 in debt, I was thinking it was not worth it, but in the end, it opened doors to jobs in companies where I got a foothold and began my career.

Had I taken a degree that wasn’t the one I got, I would not have gotten those on-campus interviews no matter how smart I was.

I would not have met the people I met in classes and connected with them some of whom started their own companies and/or are in high positions in other companies now.

The real price of education is the CONNECTIONS you make. The opportunities the school gives you to start a career fair exclusive to your school because you’ve already been vetted by them to be the best, the brightest (bla bla), and to have companies trust the school’s reputation and integrity.

I feel like it is taboo to say all of this these days because people are all in heavy student debt but can’t find a basic job to justify all the thousands spent.

That said, I am in Canada, not the U.S. and it isn’t quite as expensive to have an education here, and we aren’t really scammed as far as I know, to enrol into fake colleges just to have a degree but have zero chance of actually applying that knowledge in real life because no one will accept it as a real degree.

You know what I mean?

My other worthwhile investment is all the time I spent learning my actual job.

I was about to quit. I really was. I started in it, wondered WTF I got myself into, and then upon the advice of a few older colleagues around me, I decided to give it a major shot and to stay in there so I would have a lucrative, high-paying job for life (essentially what they told me).

I said that if I couldn’t hack it after a year or so, I’d find some other job.

I am glad I stuck it out. I have the chops for the job, I just didn’t feel like I did at the start, but I believed I could learn anything and that’s what I did.

I put in hours, I am talking nights and weekends to study my industry, my job, my career. I spent lots of time hassling colleagues politely by picking their brains over and over again.

I wanted to learn everything and anything, I just asked so many questions, said “No” to NOTHING, and no job was too low for me to accept.

I remember all the hours I put in, to this day, and it has paid off. Investing time and care into my career was a major thing once I put my mind to it.

Had it not worked out, I would have picked another job and thrown myself into it.

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