Save. Spend. Splurge.

There is no such thing as a self-made person, so give me all of your money you jack@$$


To be clear, I do not fully align with either of their views as a whole. I agree with some points from one, and the other, but I don’t agree with each of them 100%.

I also don’t even know who the hell these people are, I only got linked here because of a post on Instagram, where it disintegrated into name-calling and slurs by an ignorant, uneducated rube (see end of the post).

But hey, I got a post out of it!

Just this ONE conversation, I am only discussing the topic of capitalism in society, and basically how PMbeers says that there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire or billionaire.

“Self-made” the Extremist View

I already wrote about who really is self-made here: What is a self-made person? but this is the extremist, anti-capitalist version.

That part, I do agree – “self-made” just means you didn’t inherit the money, that’s all it means. Truly self-made the extremist way, would mean that you did not participate in the educational system relying on teachers to help you, you didn’t need parents to feed or clothe you, and you basically lived completely alone with no societal help, friends or mentors, and then became a millionaire (??????).

No one in that definition, is “self-made”, I agree.

But then it veers off onto a tangent of complete WTF-ness that I can’t even begin..

Exploited? Is every billionaire or millionaire exploiting people?

I am close to being a personal millionaire – who am I exploiting? I am an independent contractor working for clients, delivering results.

Did I do it with drugs? Guns? Violence? Sexploitation? Child labour? .. you see where I am going with this, and NO.

The problem is when you hear a sentence like this, a red flag should go up to tell you immediately:

This person thinks all rich people and money is evil.

So, Oprah is an a$$hole, and anyone who has money, even regular folks, are evil because we SOMEHOW exploited the system on the backs of other people and didn’t re-compensate by re-distributing the wealth back to these in society.

Pardon me, but I paid a solid $60K for my business education. I also gave up hours and hours of my life working for a company while they taught me what I needed to know in the first 2 years of my career.

I “paid” them. That is how a capitalist society works. They offered a service – business education, and I paid for it.

Even for the people around me in my network of friends and family. I don’t need to ‘pay’ them but I am always indebted and grateful for their support. When my father wasn’t there for me, I had my mother and my friends. I don’t need him.

“My labor is worth WAY more than you paid me for it.”

If your labour is worth way more than what you are getting paid for it, you know what I say?


Otherwise, your labour is worth $0 outside of the context of the industry and job you work in.


To say that you deserve the money of your boss or the whole organization, for the SMALL PART of the labour you produce, is nonsense.

The whole point of your job, is that you are there to help make a small part of something bigger, and more valuable, work.

The value is not broken down into the parts of the labour – it is the sum of it, the vision and the whole point the owners are millionaires/billionaires, are rich.

Your work, outside of that organization, is worth ZERO.

I only get contracts and am paid what I am paid because there is a company that is organized to need my skills.

Without those companies and their organization, their leaders and the whole shebang, I have no value. Zero.

I fully recognize that my brain and my labour has been trained for these specific skillsets and if they were to die out overnight (unlikely but let’s say), I would be out of a cushy job (hence why I save like a mofo, btw).

“I made your money, money that should be mine.”

Are you serious right now?

Only 10% of businesses make it, and 90% fail.

Out of that 10% (which I am a part of), not many of us become to the status of a multi-billion dollar company by any stretch of the imagination.

Acknowledge the WORK that went behind that, the idea they had, the risk they took, the alienation of family and friends to focus on their company.

Small business owners at the start, work long, long hours. Some end in divorce, and many I am sure, have children who don’t even remember them being around when growing up.

You sacrifice so much.

They are the ones who started small for the most part, tried, failed, and tried a ton more times with lots of rejection before they became a success story.

Go and start a business, and come back to me when you’re successful and a millionaire to rub it in my face.

Go ahead, I’ll be waiting.

Otherwise, this is a lot of whining, “omg money is evil” nonsense because the thoughts for me, are completely twisted.

Money isn’t evil at all

You can use money for good – charities, or you can use money for bad – child pornography.

Money itself, is neutral.

PEOPLE are what make it good or bad, and the more money you have, the more good you can do, as a good person. No?

I donate 10% of my gross income yearly to charities, plus all net proceeds of my Budgeting Tool.

Do I have to do that? No.

Do I want to? Yes.

And the more money I make, the more I get to give, and the better it is for everyone.

You have a choice to not participate but it is not easy…


Quietly go and buy a farm like so many other folks, grow your own food, make your own soap, generate your own electricity, and live without dependence on anyone else.

What are you doing, feeding the capitalist machine? What are you tweeting on?

A paper and some hopes? No, you’re using a capitalist-made phone and a capitalist platform all created by capitalists to spout how much you hate capitalism.

Ironic, no?

That’s even another good example of capitalism and why your labour is worth ZERO outside of capitalism.

A single person could not have made that phone themselves – all the components, the software, the network to connect to phone lines, all of that is the work of many many people, summed up into something valuable.

What worth of a phone or a network has to anyone if you’re living off the grid?

You don’t need money, you have your own food and shelter, water, electricity, etc.

You do everything yourself.

What would you need capitalism for? Who needs a phone in the woods or has time for that?

If this is your dream, then do it.

Why feel the need to showboat and prove to anyone how anti-capitalist you are? Prove it to yourself.

If not, why not use these capitalist machines and creations for GOOD? To raise awareness instead of railing against something you can’t change?

USE IT to your advantage.

By saying all of the above? I am a “spammy sh*tty” person

This person used “ok boomer” as a slur against me.

I am confused because I have heard a lot of slurs in my life directed towards me, but “ok boomer” was not one I was familiar with.

So I write saying: I am 36. Not a boomer. At least have the decency to go to my profile. Rude.

This is our entire conversation (I blocked her, I don’t need that kind of person on my IG leeching away energy):

If I tag you, it is because I am starting a conversation.

If you see it as a fight instead of an open discussion, that’s on your closed mindset, not mine.

I also didn’t personally attack her, and she starts with slurs, insults and rudeness as her way of being an “activist”.


Differences of opinions doesn’t have to result in insults

I didn’t deserve to be insulted or attacked for having another opinion. She obviously saw differently, and decided to personally attack me rather than asking: Why? Let me hear more about what you are saying.

When I see this, I know exactly what I am dealing with – an ignorant, green person who is going to look back and realize her mistakes in maybe a decade.

You can’t argue with people who are not open to a discussion.

I know this, because I used to be somewhat like this person (not insulting though, but completely closed off to any ideas, and closed-minded) in my teenage years and late 20s when I first started blogging and could not see the wisdom of other points of views, nor accept it.

The saddest thing would be to grow older, and to still be ignorant and not open or willing to see that everyone can teach you something different, or offer a different viewpoint EVEN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM.


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