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Ask Sherry: “How come you don’t write actual blog posts any more and dupe people?”….Guess what? F*CK YOU.


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How come you don’t have any actual blog posts anymore? Seems like all your posts are really just marketing ploys to get me to buy (consume) your products. That’s not minimalism, that’s capitalism. Capitalism is fine, but call it what it is…don’t dupe people.

Wait. Dupe people? You think I am DUPING PEOPLE?


*Trying to do a PG-13 blog or else I get X-rated.

It is ironic that I got a payout cheque the day I got this question from Amazon Affiliates today from the past 5 months of “duping people” with my posts.

Want to know what I got?



I had a whole post on this but I really don’t have time to waste on you, I’m busy AF doing my own thing.

All I am going to say is that you had an asshat attitude because you could have used tact, found your spine rather than throwing this out there Anonymously and emailed me directly saying —

Hey, so I’ve noticed _____ has been happening more lately, any chance you’ll get back to writing more about ____?

You know, actual CONSTRUCTIVE feedback that I have welcomed in the past from other readers who had the guts to email me?

If you have REAL post suggestions, TELL ME what they are and I will write them because I like people reading stuff they want to read.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

No ideas right? Just bitching.

Hope this post was real enough for you.

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  • Beau W.

    Im sorry but Capitalism is what built America! If some jerk is going to give you shit about stuff like that?! I think they have too much time on their hands!! How you make money is your business. Lord have mercy people are stupid!

  • Sense

    What are they talking about?! I see no duping, or anything that could be construed as duping, going on here. The tone of your blog has not changed in many moons. That is a totally unfair assessment.

  • Gale G

    lol….the Internet produces many of those who have hubris behind a keyboard but are normally just gutless. Ignore.

    On another note, I’m new to this blog and read your great expose on things made in China. Thanks for the in-depth information. Appreciate it.

  • M

    What a giant d***. You post more than some of the other blogs I follow, and yes some are recaps or budget posts but those still take a lot of work. You’re not waxing about the trendy beauty products you didn’t pay for or pushing cheap workout gear that is contributing to killing the environment.
    For the record I easily skim and go past the posts that don’t intrest me. And I love both the finance and beauty posts. I like to hear (real) peoples feedback on products that aren’t fake reviews.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Well thank you. And those budget posts, recaps, they do take SOME work but not like my Week of Money posts that are ridiculously long to write, and upload images for.

      I am I think, trying my best. And everyone is free to skip whatever they don’t want to read. I am cool with that, I just post about anything and everything, not everything is a hit, and if it was, I would think something is wrong.. frankly.

  • Joy

    I don’t understand people bitching about what other people do with their money, time, or life (unless of course, these things directly affect them).

    To the cowardly anonymous poster: no one’s putting a gun to your head to read these blog posts. If you don’t like it then just don’t come to this blog. It’s not that difficult.

    This dumb victim mentality annoys me so much. “don’t dupe people” “you took advantage of me”. Unless someone blatantly lies or misrepresents (and this is not the case here), you have no excuse for being a dumb, handicapped in a stupid way (not actually handicapped), dependent ignoramus.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      That’s just it – I quietly bow out and stop reading if I don’t like a direction a blogger is going for a long while. I do encourage Anonymous feedback with my forms, and that’s because I want people to feel like they can ask questions or say things that they feel they would not be able to say if their name was attached to it. I get it — I am fine with that, but a little RESPECT please.

      I have had people email me and ask for specific posts. I have a huge list I am working through, and I try my best to meet those posts if I feel energized / capable enough to write about them.

      So it just hurts, really, to be so unnecessarily criticized when I think I am doing what I can / the best I can.

  • Gail

    So obnoxious! I’d like to know that person’s def. of “real blog posts.” How real can it get? I mean you are SO honest–that’s exactly the appeal. You admit when you are not feeling like the perfect mother, partner, employee “should,” as most bloggers never do. You tell when you “cheat” on food or money. You, in a word, tell when you behave/feel HUMAN. Again: that is precisely the draw of this unique blog. Please keep them coming. Some of us respect you and appreciate the honest writing.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you Gail. I do admit when I cheat. I stress eat, I am telling the truth because I can, being Anonymous. I am not so sure I’d be saying all of my true feelings about my partner if I wasn’t to be frank. I wouldn’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt, the dirty laundry “aired”, and for anyone to know us personally and judge us individually. We are both imperfect, and it helps when I can voice that frustration out… which I thought was quite ‘real’….

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