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THIS is minimalist. It’s a little too austere for me though. I mean, we go far and are minimalist, but not to the point where we don’t have a vacuum or more than one set of spoons, knives & forks 🙂 I mean I agree that less stuff and furniture means more space to stretch out but.. We don’t go this far. H/T to AP.

  • I own these Stellato flats in navy blue and they are gorgeous. Well worth the $$$$, comfortable, made in Italy & like a designer shoe but for half the price. If you’re looking for a pair of flats that are less like loafers, these Fortuna flats are more feminine in style, but I’m sort of intrigued by the cut of these pointed flats in suede.
  • Ever since I started making vegan burgers with my recipe here, I have been using our beloved  perfect for green smoothies (Green Apple Crisp Coconut Smoothie recipe here), but what I really need is a good food processor because doing each vegetable individually is very time consuming. I found and is also the same company of Robot Coupe (professional food processors). Any experience from anyone for this stuff? Is it really worth it? Maximum 16-cup size or is 12-cups enough?
  • Where’s the American dream? I heard the same thing on the radio as well and it was what prompted my post on how much healthcare costs in Canada.
  • This Amope Pedi rechargeable, electronic foot file is incredible, works wet/dry and has saved my feet. I have the battery one, and I want this one instead.
  • I was listening to The New Yorker Podcast, and the part about the asylum in New York and the story of the father taking a risk to just get a blurry glimpse of his son in Canada made me cry.
  • My e-reader is a real workhorse but I feel like I want something thinner and bigger. Has anyone tried a Kindle e-reader? Do you love it?
  • Stats Canada states some interesting facts that more women have entered the work force but experience more work interruptions and earn $0.87 to every $1 of a man. Some of it HAS to do with that fact that less than 25% of women are in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) professions which means lower pay, but also that I suspect we have a bias against us in such professions as well.
  • Found , only $5 each rather than almost $8 each with a brand name.
  • I LOVED reading Cassie’s post on what she uses as skincare because while I am a diehard Paula’s Choice skincare fan, I still am very beauty-curious about other things that could be better in terms of makeup.
  • I found it. A that is a dead ringer for the one I got in Paris. It looks a lot like the though, no, but the Cambridge one is $30 more…
  • Melbourne is paving the way by changing the walking man signal to walking women as well to fight gender bias. Thoughts? I agree that our subconscious and our culture always defaults to “he” and “man” which does seem to colour how we view things.
  • There is nothing basic about this stylish striped midi dress. I can totally imagine this with flats, sneakers, heels, and/or blazers or leather jackets thrown over it.
  • Kat’s closet is heavenly eye candy because… I wish I had the same space for such beauty. The good news is that I am slowly culling through my wardrobe with a critical and steady eye, and starting to throw out things I should not be hoarding (e.g. packaging material, boxes, papers, etc).
  • Does anyone have a Kindle? Can you tell me whether you love it or not? I feel like my e-reader is about to bite the dust and I am wondering if I should flip to another brand completely.
  • 4 Self-Defense moves every woman should know. They seem pretty easy to master but I need to start practicing. I have been having recurring nightmares of being attacked while out with Baby Bun, and it is stressing me out.
  • This desktop organizer in solid concrete would be something I would buy if I had a dedicated office space all to myself. I love the little cacti on top.


  • Kandice

    I loved the minimalism pictures. On the Kindle issue, I have used an iPad Mini for the past 4 years. It’s about the size of an actual book and very light weight and I use the Kindle app to read. It’s easy to hold when I’ve turned in for bed and the iPad can be set to switch to a “night” setting which turns everything a warmer glow that supposedly doesn’t keep your mind awake at night like the normal setting. I really, really love it and would recommend it. Mine is Wi-Fi only since I don’t want it to be connected to a data plan.

  • Laurie

    I love my Kindle. Easy to use, lightweight, and no one has to know what I’m reading! It also works great with my library here in the US (so sorry that might not be the case for you).

    Love the minimal photos. Have not quite inspired my family to that level yet. 🙂

  • anonymous

    “Melbourne is paving the way by changing the walking man signal to walking women as well to fight gender bias. Thoughts? I agree that our subconscious and our culture always defaults to “he” and “man” which does seem to colour how we view things.”

    Masculine pronouns are gender inclusive. When using feminine pronouns, then you are being exclusive. That’s how the English language works. It is not logical to switch that sign to a woman nor to refer to generally everyone using feminine pronouns, or even using “he/she” as that would be redundant. Gender bias isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. Are you raising your child as a boy, girl, or gender neutral? Are you going to let him decide what gender he is?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Good point. I would say right now I’d raise him to be a boy, but if (as he gets older) he decides he wants to be someone else, I’d feel free to let him explore.

      For now, he might be too young, but I definitely don’t limit him in playing with dolls, wearing pink clothing (e.g.) and anything typically “girly” in our society. I have gotten some flak from some parents about this… jokingly but nonetheless…

  • Cassie

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post! The spring one will have considerably less stuff in it, but I’m planning on doing them quarterly 🙂

    That post on Japanese minimalism is awe inspiring, but at the same time I know it’s not something I would be able to sustain personally. While I realize a lot of the stuff we have is superfluous, it seems like a lot of the things we would consider reasonable to keep on hand are missing in these homes. A bottle of tylenol or ibuprofen, a thermometer, sunscreen… Then again the pictures are quite edited, so it’s entirely likely they have a cupboard that’s less photogenic holding these types of items. Still food for thought though. We’re posting a bunch of stuff for sale on Kijiji and dropping off a few boxes of stuff to our local goodwill today. It’s really refreshing getting down to a manageable amount stuff (and a lot easier to maintain).

  • Chi

    Great post Sherry!!

  • Nancy

    I have an old Kindle Touch. It has worked fine for 5 years now, easy to use, very long battery life, lightweight. It does not have backlight though, so it’s old school. But Kindle is not great if you want to borrow library books online in Canada, as it doesn’t support certain formats. But there are ways to hack that using Calibre or some tool like that. Or you get the Kindle tablet instead of the basic e-reader which lets you access library books through an app. But lately, I have been using the Kindle App on my iPad and phone. I like Kindle books in that they always have sales on Amazon and I can often get books at a steep discount if I wait for it. They often have sales even on the latest books. (E.g. I wanted to read The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. The library wait to borrow the digital copy was, like, four years! The online price for digital was $13.99, but I waited and then Kindle/Amazon had it for $4.99 recently.)

  • Mel

    I don’t think anyone does Minimalism as well as the Japanese. Austere but aesthetic nonetheless. Love you blog!

  • C

    I just recently got a kindle fire but have no idea how it compares to official kindle readers — other than definitely less buttons. The silk browser seems slow but gets me to my local libraries where I can check out free ebooks. I’m liking the convenience of it a lot but I got it for $30. I may have liked it less if I had paid full price! Ebook reading is fine, though the navigation can be a bit awkward if you want to really skip around. I have a friend who uses her kindle reader a lot while nursing.

  • Liquid

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂 I think as people live in smaller places minimalism will be practiced more. But like anything else it should be done in moderation. Have a great weekend.

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