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Would you say you “know what you like” in fashion or clothing?

It changes year after year, slightly, but generally I know what I like:

  • Clean lines
  • Stripes
  • Cobalt Blue / Magenta Pink / Ivories & Whites / Greys
  • Abstract, bold prints
  • Slight modesty in covering up
  • Simple outfits with few embellishments

I am pretty good at discerning what I like and what I don’t, but it takes time for me to really examine and distill down why I instinctively reach for or avoid certain things when I should like them but don’t.

It can just be a line, a shape, a curve, something being slightly too long, too wide, too short, not the right shade of green, etc.

Anything, really.

Or I just haven’t hit on the right combination in the outfit to know: YES THIS WORKS.

Like in this outfit, the tunic was too long for me at first or so I thought, but now I kind of like it with skinnier pants, I can see it working.

It needs to be a top that you let hang out to show its tailoring and curves, not tucked in (it’s a LOT of fabric to tuck in):

I’m even looking at this now and thinking it would look good with a skinny belt over an A-line skirt of some sort.

I know my discernment comes from years of knowing what works on me and what doesn’t. I look into the mirror or find out too late that I really can’t handle that slightly itchy wool sweater, or that 2″ heels are too short and I need at least 3.25″, etc.

Or knowing that my skirts MUST hit my knee or JUST below, not any longer or I feel dowdy, and look & act dowdy.

It’s just experience. It’s years of trying on outfits, wearing them, feeling this way or that in certain pieces, finding replacements, knowing what works on my body…

And this is FUN for me…!


The entire series can be found here: Women in Clothes Style & Fashion Survey

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