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How much it might cost to give birth in Toronto Ontario Canada (2014)

Having gone through the tour of the hospital, here are some numbers I brought back. It’s been kind of hard to find on the internet how much things cost, so here’s a ballpark for any curious folks.


You can be expected to stay in the hospital anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days.

  • First-time mothers will most likely stay 2 -3 days.
  • Mothers without complications and have had babies before can pretty much leave in 24 hours.
  • Any mother that has a C-Section will stay on average of 4 -5 days.
  • Any babies with complications will stay the full 5 days (or perhaps longer, depending on what happens).


You can also buy your baby a Fisher Price cellphone to call after coming out. HAH!

With that in mind here’s what it costs if you want the ‘full’ treatment:


There are 3 types of rooms across Canada and they’re Ward, Semi-Private and Private.

Typically, Ward rooms have 4-5 beds in them, Semi-Private has 2, and Private is when you are by yourself.

In Ward and Semi-Private rooms they have a curtain separating the beds.

The hospital I am at, has all three but their Ward rooms only have 2 beds in each room, so it’s pretty much a Semi-Private room just with another name and perhaps a smaller size of room.

They will try and encourage you on the tours or at the hospital to take the Semi-Private room if it is already covered under your employer’s insurance because they can most likely charge your insurance company for the room, whereas with Ward rooms they cannot.

If you are already paying for it in your employer’s health insurance, why not?

ITEM  Daily Cost   3 DAYS   5 DAYS  NOTES
Private Room  $295.00  $885.00  $1,475.00 Same cost if not covered by government (OHIP)
Fast Internet  $15.00  $45.00  $75.00 Assuming the same cost as TV
TV  $15.00  $45.00  $75.00
Telephone  $15.00  $45.00  $75.00
Circumcision  $300.00  $300.00  In cash or by cheque; no cards of any kind
Day Pass Parking  $15.00  $45.00  $135.00
TOTAL    $1,365.00  $2,135.00  

Out of that entire list, I am only going to have to pay for parking (if that, seeing as my partner does not want / cannot sleep in the hospital with me; the reclining lounge chair/bed is not sufficient for his back problems).

Here’s why:

  • Private Room — I am only going to be there for 5 days max. I do not need a private room. You don’t even get special privileges of having as many visitors as you want for 24 hours even in a private room because the rule of only 2 visitors applies and yes, a child is considered a single visitor.
  • Fast Internet — Wifi is free, but if you want faster speeds you have to pay their private internet service provider a fee. I wasn’t given a price, I am assuming it is $15/day.
  • TV — I am not paying $15 a day for television.
  • Telephone — I am also not paying for a telephone. I will call everyone I need to call before labour in the hospital. The telephone is free when you are in the triage or labour ward, but not in the postpartum (post-birth) ward.
  • Circumcision — Didn’t want it anyway.
  • Day Pass Parking — $15/day is a reasonable estimate.

My total cost for this room will be about $45 at the end, since I am covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Let’s also not forget that you will need to provide for yourself:

  • Baby Diapers — $32 (we bought 2 packs of the the fancy Seventh Generation Disposable Diapers on sale at $14/each)
  • Maternity pads — $15 (I bought Natura Maternity Pads and they cost about $5 per pack, and I’m bringing 3)
  • Food & Drink — if you don’t want to eat nasty hospital food and drink
  • Baby Formula — Where I gave birth, they provided the formula but not all hospitals do this

Note: Where I gave birth, baby diapers and maternity pads were provided but only for 1-2 days, not for the entire stay!!!

So those are extra costs on top of the above.

They will most likely give you a beginner package that contains enough for 1-2 days of your stay, but nothing beyond that if you stay longer.


  • segun adewale

    i m Planning to deliver my baby in canada toronto .i will be there in my 32week of pregnancy and on a visit visa.if you could please help me know around what will be the expenses i ll have to bear for the child birth.and also will my child get a canadian passport or the passport of my nationality .
    also any cheap hospital in ontario for child delivery..??
    Thanks and regards 🙂

  • Osagie Obasohan


    My wife and I are planning to deliver out baby in Canada, but we don’t know how to go about it. How do we get hospitals, physicians, etc. Also, the cost.

    I would appreciate if you could guide us on what we need to do.

  • Ankur


  • Divakar

    Hi All,

    Please help and advice on below.
    My wife is pregnant by 6 months and we wish to travel to Canada to deliver our child. We would like to know how much would it cost without insurance to deliver child at a normal govt. hospital in CAD… Also while we are preparing for business investors stream to complete migrate to Canada.. Is it advice able to deliver child in Canada without being PR…
    Money is not the challenge question is it difficult to obtain paper work from hospital post delivery and how much do they charge without insurance.

  • Shafiqul Islam

    We are low income earner . We need better medical facilities.please help us to get better services in give birth .
    My first baby delivered with scissor operation in 8/12/2016. My second baby get date in August in this 2018.
    Please help us . We seeking better medical but we have not enough money to get treatment in abroad . We need help . Please help us to get better medical in give birth for second baby .

    With best regards
    A K M Shafiqul Islam
    Cell : +8801711036892

  • Emily C Givens

    You people are SO DUMB! Do not go to Canada to give birth. It is wrong. If you are not a resident or a citizen then STAY THE HELL OUT! Give birth in your own country.

    • Hahahahahahah

      Yeah, they are so dumb to want to give their child a better option in their future. People think Canadians are so nice. They obviously haven’t met you or your shithead families

  • Suzi

    Hi Sherry, after giving birth in Toronto, how long to obtain birth certificate? fully handle by hospital?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I can’t recall but I had the hospital give me papers which I then had to use with my ID as a citizen to go and apply for the certificate. I think it took a few months before I got it.

    • Esther monday

      Please how does it work for visitors to deliver in your hospital and how long does it take to get a birth certificate?

      • Carol

        It should be illegal for people like you to give birth in Canada. Only citizens and permanent residents should have this benefit.

  • Yaser

    Here is reply for those who would like to deliver their babies in Toronto

    Normal Delivery charges per day for Mom: CAD3180/-
    Baby Handling charges per day: CAD1575/-
    If Baby needs ICU then cost per day: CAD 3180

    If Delivery by C-Section then cost : CAD3815, while remaining charges same as mentioned above. If you would like to save cost then discharge after completion of first day. The next days charges should be maximum CAD600 for Mom. Plus point your baby is Canadian. The above said charges refer to hospitals in Mississauga.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      Thank you! I would like to note that each hospital varies in its pricing 🙂 Please call and check beforehand.

    • Hoda

      Hi wanted to ask about a good hospital name that a non resident with visit visa can give birth at ? And for CS will be around 4000 Canadian dollars will this include the stay in a private room in the hospital for 5 days ? Or there will be other costs ? Thanks in advance
      Appreciate ur reply and help

    • Lana

      Hi Yaser,

      What do you mean by “Normal Delivery charges per day”.
      If it is a normal delivery and the baby and the mother will stay at hospital 3 days post delivery the charge will be as below?
      Normal delivery charges for mother: 3180* 3
      Baby Handling charges per day: 1575*3
      plus the room charges?


    • NADIM

      Hi Yaser, I would like your advice. We are planning to come to Canada by the end of this month on visit visa. My wife is around 6 month pregnant will we face any issue at the arrival. Is there a possibility they don’t let us inside Canada.

      • talin

        hi nadim

        my sister has the same issue, she wants to have the baby in canada, they have visit visa and shes planning to come in 6th month? cany ou tell me if everything went well with your wife? did she face any issue when entering canada? and what are the costs you paid for delivery without insurance?

        appreciate your help


      • Jasmin

        Hi Nadim
        I would very much like to know whether your wife got the visa and fave birth in Canada or not. It’s my problem as well.

    • Prof

      Please, I would like to know what are the requirements for a non Canadian who just want to fly in to give birth?

      My wife and I are not Canadian. She is a Malaysian.
      While I live in Malaysia and work

    • Prof

      Yaser, if we plan to stay in Canada for long term, how to get budget accommodation for 1 month of stay for the purpose of my wife giving birth before we fly back to Malaysia where we both stay?
      We not not Canadian and this we be our first time visit to Canada.

    • Mama

      Hello YAsir,
      I am an American citizen but have few questions regarding giving birth in Canada please can you kindly contact me on my email Thanks

  • Kate

    Same price for non national?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      You have to call the hospital you want to give birth in and ask for their rates.

      • Matthew

        My wife is waiting for her PR. I am born and raised canadian. She has been in canada 1 year still waiting for her PR. She had Provincial health care, but they cancelled it because she her visa was only good for 6 months. Our lawyer said she doesn’t need to extended her visa while she waits for her PR. Would we still need to pay the $10,000+-?

        • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

          I read “they cancelled your provincial healthcare”.

          In which case, yes. You will need to pay out of pocket. You should call the hospital where she is planning on giving birth and asking them for their rates for a vaginal and a C-section, plus hospital stay costs (bare minimums) in a shared semi-private.

  • olu ade

    Good day what is the cost of an uninsured putting to bed in canada

  • Gladys

    Hello, i want to give birth in Canada but i don’t know how to go about it, i need help please

  • Ben

    Why is circumcision listed in such a casual way as if genital mutilation is normal?

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I have no idea, Ben. I find it very strange, to be honest, because it IS genital mutilation, but it seems to be a cultural thing (Jewish Bris), or because parents think it is healthier or cleaner.

      Either way, I did not do that to Baby Bun because he is born and made just the way he is meant to be. It’s not a common thing in Europe, either.

  • Ivana

    Hi Sherry!
    I am a Lebanese Citizen & I am Planning to deliver my baby in Canada,Montreal
    Do You have any Ideas about how much the expenses i ll have to bear for the child birth.

    Thank You In Advance.

  • Bruce M

    OMG people you are stupid. Its her blog wow you are too stupid to give birth and please don’t do it in Canada.

  • Olu Nike

    Please what’s the cheapest fee I can get for my wife to give birth in Canada? I’m a Nigerian. Thanks

  • Anjla

    Can you plz tell me expected cost of giving birth in Canada by non residents ? I shall be extremely thankful

  • Ola Atef Abdelhaliem Saeed

    this is Ola from Egypt i want to give birth in Canada ,my due date will be on 28-12-2016
    what are the procedures to reserve an appointment with you?
    what is the cost fro Natural and C section ?
    what document you need when i come for appointment?
    are you providing a place for residential near to the hospital or i will search for a place by my self?
    what is the total cost if you are providing all the above?



      I am a Canadian citizen talking about my birth experience. I do not have any expertise in what you are asking nor am I giving advice on giving birth when you are not a citizen of Canada.

      Please contact Health Canada.

    • Kemi

      Have you gotten your visa?

    • Mahmoud

      Please I have the same inquiry.
      I am a Canadian citizen and me and my wife lives in Egypt, we are planning to have birth inshallah in Toronto.
      we really need to know how much it will cost us.

    • Iman

      Hello Ola,
      I believe that you should already given birth to your baby by now, congratulations!. Can you please provide some details regarding the delivery cost?

    • hamada elnopy

      Hello Ola,
      I believe that you should already given birth to your baby by now, congratulations!. Can you please provide some details regarding the delivery cost?

      • Natalya

        Hi Hamada, if everything goes normal, the cost is approximately $10,000-$12,000.00
        It depends on hospital. If you’d like more information, plz contact me at Thanks

        • Prof

          Natalya, please I would like to know as a first time visitor to Canada for the purpose of my wife giving birth to our first baby, are there any special procedures?
          I call few hospitals but they said they don’t accept patient who never under any checking with their hospital before due date of giving birth.
          We both are in Malaysia and we plan to fly in by end of the year which is my wife due date .
          Please advice

  • Valentine

    I want to know the cost of giving a birth in Canada in naira

  • Phil


    I’m a Canadian citizen who declared non-residency and got married with my wife who is not a Canadian citizen. We both currently live and work in Asia and would like my wife to go back to Toronto to give birth.

    It will be too late to apply for immigration for my wife now. So I guess she will be treated as a non resident case. If she’s looking to do c-section in a hospital,

    1) will any of the hospitals in Toronto or Mississauga accept her first of all?
    2) do we have to make any appointment ahead of time?
    3) the big repeated question is roughly how much would it cost in this scenario?



      I cannot answer any of these questions. I am not from the Canadian government, and I am a Canadian citizen with full health coverage.

      You should contact Health Canada.

    • Ashton

      Hey Phil,
      I am in an exact same situation. I am assuming your wife has gone through a successful c-section procedure. Please tell me about your experience.

  • ahmad

    Hi there
    I m Planning to deliver my baby in canada toronto .i will be there in my 32week of pregnancy and on a visit visa.if you could please help me know around what will be the expenses i ll have to bear for the child birth.and also will my child get a canadian passport or the passport of my nationality .
    also any cheap hospital in ontario for child delivery..??
    Thanks and regards 🙂

  • Arica

    Hello, I definitely will pay the full amount for delivery but how much does it all cone down to is my question. 10000 Canadian dollar ? Or more or less any idea?

  • Carolina

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Good morning.

    I am a tourist in Canada and i will have a baby actually i have 2 months of pregnancy.

    I would like to know how much it will cost of birth in Ontario.

    Not only the rooms i would like to know the price of normal birth and cesarea.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards.

  • diana

    Please what if you are not a citizen covered with health insurance

  • Temmy


    Please i need assistant about giving birth in Canada. Do you know any good hospital that accept an international patient 28weeks down??? I need to register with them asap.

    Thanks for your anticipated response

  • Moh

    I need your help .. Emergency case

  • eleni

    Hi everyone…my problem Is that my ohip does not kick in until dec.1 and my due date is nov.5 th.does anyone know if i can make payment plans or get a refund once my card is in effect?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      If your OHIP is not valid until Dec 1 you will be on the hook to pay. You can purchase private Blue Cross health insurance until Dec 1st. Otherwise, you are not covered until Dec 1.

  • Onyinye

    The amount above is it just for the hospital stay? How much is the doctors fees? Or is it included in the above email amount?

  • Vanny

    I am having a scheduled c section because of my baby being frank breech. My mid wife said that my hospital stay will be 48 hours if there is no complication. My question is, if I am really not feeling ready to go home after 48 hrs, can I insist on staying longer? We will be paying for a private room that is partiallt covered by my husband’s work medical insurance. How long can you stay for?

    • save. spend. splurge.

      They won’t kick you out after 48 hours if you are in the hospital. When they say 48 hours they mean at least 24 hours in the C-section ward, and then I was wheeled into a shared room where I stayed for a few more days. They asked me on the third day if I felt OK. I told them I was fine and I wanted to go home ASAP.. but had I wanted to stay longer, they would have kept me until I felt fine to leave.

      Don’t worry, they won’t toss you out. They will try and get you out when you feel comfortable enough to leave but they will never turn you out after 2 days. I stayed about 4 in total if I recall correctly. Maybe 3, because by the third day I was sick of the hospital and I wanted to go home.

  • Saffron

    Hi there
    I m Planning to deliver my baby in canada toronto .i will be there in my 32week of pregnancy and on a visit visa.if you could please help me know around what will be the expenses i ll have to bear for the child birth.and also will my child get a canadian passport or the passport of my nationality .
    Thanks and regards 🙂

  • charles

    can i come from another country to give birth in canada? what will it cost me and what do I need .

  • Chuko

    Please what is the procedure for giving them there from a foreign country. How much will it cost? Thank you.

  • Chuko

    Please if I want to come in from another country to give birth close to my delivery date, what will I need to pay?

  • Mirgul

    Hello everybody. I would like to give birth in Toronto. I am 24 week pregnant now. Please could you give me adresses of hospitals and doctors please

  • A Money Goddess

    Good to know. I never really gave this much thought, but I can see the appeal of having a private room even over a semi-private. Having one of my family members work at the hospital as nurse, I’m starting to understand why charging back patients is necessary.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Honestly it is not worth it. If you gave birth at my hospital they didn’t have ward rooms! I ended up in a semi-private, and for one day, I was alone by myself…

      The only thing that could suck is if the other mother / family members are sick and they infect you, or if their baby screams all night and wakes you up

  • Potato

    You had cheap parking! North York General was I believe $24/day, and I think Mt. Sinai is $50. Though my week at NYGH was about $90 with a long-term in/out pass.

  • AdinaJ

    Wow, Ontario is expensive! The private room at my hospital was cheaper, and they didn’t charge for anything else except parking ($15 per day). We could have more than one visitor at a time, during visiting hours only, of course. I still couldn’t wait to leave, lol!

  • No Nonsense Landlord

    I thought all of CA health care was free? Here in the US, even heart bypass surgery you are out of the hospital in 5 days.

    Low income people get all of that for free here too. And then some.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      It is all free but amenities like parking, TV, telephone etc.. are not.

      The private rooms are not free. We have as I mentioned in the post, OHIP or “Ontario health insurance plan” (provincial insurance) are covered, FREE “ward” rooms where you share with other mothers.

      If you want a private or semi-private room, you have to pay.

      If you don’t have OHIP, you have to pay.

      • No Nonsense Landlord

        I wasn’t aware that you also needed OHIP, I thought that was just part of being a CA resident. I have learned a bit, Thanks!

        • save. spend. splurge.

          To clarify, each province has its own healthcare. OHIP is for Ontario. You need to be a resident in Ontario for 3 months to be eligible for OHIP. If you have just arrived and gave birth before you got OHIP coverage, you need to pay the amounts above.

        • save. spend. splurge.

          …So for instance if I moved from Ontario to British Columbia, I would need to wait 3 months before I am on the BC healthcare plan, but I’d still be covered under OHIP (out of province).

          It’s a bit annoying, granted. I agree that it should be simpler, and healthcare coverage should be at the federal level rather than provincial.

  • NZ Muse

    AFAIK if you go public system in NZ everything is completely free.

    Which brings me to a thought, which is harsh but true: maybe if there WAS a charge that might be a good thing, quite frankly. It might help discourage people from having kids who really can’t afford them (ie the welfarers-for-life, like my SIL – her kids are gorgeous of course but us taxpayers are paying to raise them).

    • save. spend. splurge.

      With us it is pretty much free as well but not for those amenities I mentioned above. Otherwise, the surgery I went through and the whole hospital stay was completely free. I could have stayed the full 5 days if I had requested to do so and they would have taken care of me, fed me, etc. I stayed only 2 days because I begged to be released.

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