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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Why your latte now costs $6

The very rich history of the latte and why you are now paying upwards to $6 for a hot drink. I admit to heading over to Starbucks once in a while for a drink. I have tried local cafes and every single time I take a chai, it is a teabag rather than a syrup, and not at all satisfying. I only have very few places I can visit that give me the same drink as Starbucks. That said, I am not drinking at Starbucks if they don’t offer organic milk any longer.

Putting this Chloé coat on my must-look-for-list for secondhand hunting.

Canadians have earned their reputations for being good people for the most part. Of course we have as many bad as good, but I think Americans are just as good as we are. I loved watching this video of the two countries uniting during a hockey game. The mostly Canadian crowd finished the American anthem and I think we know the Star Spangled Banner because we watch SO MANY American movies and shows that it is hard not to memorize it. Americans? Time to step up and learn O Canada.

This bucket bag is white and looks great for summer, but however it is affordable at $90 rather than $900.

Men AND women ruin their careers. Children are innocents who have nothing to do with this. I am lucky enough to have a partner who does the mental work of clothing, shoe and all the other child-related things related to Little Bun, plus has him 3 days a week, and tries to (as of late) step up more to take him off me. It is important that fathers are equal contributors.

If you’re really into leopard print shoes, this pair from Sam Edelman is pointed and very cute.

I almost want to start paying for a haircut now, because these international hair trends make me want to try them out. If you don’t know this, I actually cut my own hair and save about $150 each time.. I haven’t seen a difference in the cut and people have actually complimented me on my cut without knowing I do it myself.

I have these exact Rag & Bone booties and I love them. SO comfortable and they give you legs for days.

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