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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Why are successful women still single?

Why are women still getting dinged for being successful and awesome? I am one of those women, and frankly if I were thrown back into the dating pool I’d probably experience a lot of rejection. I would need someone I could talk to, laugh with and still be happy with after all of these years. Thank goodness I’m not single. I feel so bad for all of my other friends who are unable to find love because of this.

I picked up this Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and I am actually pretty excited to receive it. I will only use it intermittently — if I shower too late and want to sleep without a head of wet hair, or if I shower in the morning and want to dry off… I’m pretty excited to use it.

People are insensitive %#(%s. Women get judged so much harder when we don’t try to hide our age (dying hair, refusing to get fillers, etc)…

Can you believe I am even about to write this? These Frye Melanie slip on leather flats are the perfect mix of chic and comfortable for me. This is probably as sneaker-ish as I am going to get.

What do we think about this Singaporean teacher buys Hermès bags with her teacher’s bonus? She now has a $90,000 collection. This is actually an area that could be considered an investment only because this is the only brand and only set of bags that have actually kept and GONE UP in value for being so “rare”…. (think: false, controlled supply into the market = scarcity / rarity panic)

I bought some wireless Airpod charging case covers for my Qi charger and it is so easy to use and keep them charged now especially at work because I don’t have a real desk or an office, I just have a table and a chair, so it was very annoying to try and get plugs and chargers for my electronics.

By the way, French people totally speak with their faces and sounds as much as with language. I do the same, but in French only. Not in English. I do a lot of: “Baaahhhhhh …” when I am emphasizing something, or do that moue with my mouth when I speak the Language. Or a puff of air through my lips “Pfft!” for “So what? Don’t care..” Lots of eye rolls too, and “Oh la las…”… this is all typical for French-speaking but not for Anglophones. I can’t help it! Another one is: “Ohp la.. and a lot of Voilà…. .. I say that a lot.

I am re-reading all of Kevin Kwan’s books. I haven’t seen the movie yet (probably won’t until it comes out on DVD or something), and I am really enjoying the series in print. He has such a flair for characters and writing about them in such a way that they jump off the page.

Have eczema? I do too. Read on for tips on how to battle it.

These great boots look minimalist, and yet very comfortable even for the heel height — the heel is stacked which makes it super comfy.


  • ArianaAuburn

    Um…women would not get dinged for being successful if the men would accept the possibility that a woman could love a man for who he is. So many men raised to show their value as men as providers. But a relationship is more than just money

  • Anne

    I showed the video about the French facial expressions to my husband, it was so spot on! Hopefully it explained some of my weird behaviour lately… We are currently in France and I definitely do those things when speaking French – but I’ve noticed I’ve started using them while speaking other languages as well!

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