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French Flirting: Something to keep in mind while in Paris

When I first heard of how some (not all!) French guys “flirt” in France, I didn’t believe it.

Apparently, they follow a girl.. for blocks, and then at the end, ask her an innocent question like Quelle heure est-il? (What time is it) or a compliment, and then follow up with a request to have drinks together.

Yep. You read that right. They follow a girl for blocks until she notices him.

Anyway, I asked BF about this and apparently a friend of his DID THIS and said he was successful in getting the girl to have a drink with him.

My face: O_o

Then thinking it was just a few guys that might do this, I read in Kirstie Clements autobiography (The Vogue Factor: The Inside Story of Fashion’s Most Illustrious Magazine), that she had the exact same thing happen to her!


She noticed a boy in Paris following her for a couple of blocks, and he timidly came up to her and told her that her perfume, her clothing, her shoes, everything made her seem like she was from a different era (she dressed a bit like they did in the 50s if I recall correctly).


Then he asked her for a drink. And she said yes, she was so flattered!

Another story I heard (or perhaps read) was of a girl who had just arrived in Paris and made a Parisian friend.

As she was walking along, a guy asked her what time it was, and when she went to stop and tell him the time, her friend hissed: No don’t talk to him! It’s a trick!! He’ll never leave you alone if you do! .. and dragged her away as quickly as possible.

She learned that she had to ignore innocent questions in Paris unless she was also interested in going out on a date with the guy.

Can you imagine doing this in North America?

I think we’d call that stalking…!


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