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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Most Dangerous Ways Children Get To School (Shocking Documentaries)

1. Grateful AF

I made Little Bun watch this, and other videos in the series of the most dangerous ways children take to get to school. I mean.. this is serious. The things that parents and children will do for an education, makes you realize just how truly privileged you and your children are. This one is rough:

The entire playlist is here, each about 50 minutes long and truly, TRULY must-watch videos.

2. Sleek

I have a bag almost exactly like this one (been using it over a decade), and this saddle bag is sleek, simple, logo-free and so chic for under $160.

3. Stress-free

This is absolutely on point – I feel like this all the time with stress organizing.

4. Furry

I think house slippers are THE BEST. These half slippers are faux fur with memory foam, and fantastic for under $25.

5. Wasted

These are 21 ways to reduce food waste – something that contributes to the pollution of our environment, with some super practical tips.

6. Ballooning

This balloon sleeve sweater is surprisingly chic and stylish for only $35. I am very close to buying it in navy blue…

7. Zero Interest

This entire thread, is worth reading about how men have zero interest in stopping abortions.

8. Bibbed

This statement bib necklace s a STUNNER and comes in various metals and stones… I love it in black as well for $21….

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