Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

I want everything in this girl’s outfit for summer except the purse. It’s like a discordant note in an otherwise simple, beautiful harmony.

  • TIMEX? COOL? This watch is surprisingly minimalist, and so cool. Of course, it’s for a guy (who cares?) but it is so sleek and in a nice neutral taupe.
  • I love Cassie’s thoughts on spending and clothes. I hear ya! I myself am slowly working through my It List. Perfect moto boots, crossed off!
  • I own an Acne Studios fisherman’s navy sweater which I love (slouchy and comfortable), but this L.L. Bean version is pretty cool (and way more affordable) with zips on the side.
  • Clean up your laptop and keep it clean. I do all of this. I like having a CLEAN desktop with no icons or files. I get heart palpitations if I see a cluttered desktop.
  • I was thisclose to buying this opal necklace for half off….. THIS CLOSE.
  • What is ‘good value’ when you are looking to buy something, particularly clothing when thrifting or secondhand? I love Adina’s thoughts on it. Good value for me is simple: Would i buy it on retail for whatever price it is at? If yes, then I buy it. If no.. then no. By the way, this outfit of Adina’s is one of my all-time favourites.
  • I am hearing good things about J. Crew’s blazers, but we don’t have one here so I can’t touch it in-person. Thoughts, fellow shoppers?
  • If you are big-busted and are looking to get a breast reduction, this honest account of how it changed Imogen’s life is a good read.
  • I bought these high-rise Rocket jeans in a gorgeous washed grey and they are very comfortable, although not as comfortable as these AG jeans.

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  • Cassie

    Thanks for the link love šŸ™‚ Enjoyed the post on keeping your desktop clean. It’s something I struggle with. I found putting a picture of my son on the screen helped, because I don’t want to see icons covering his little face.

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