Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Inside a $3M closet + more


I hate that term by the way – ‘investment dressing’ – because I definitely do not believe that clothing is an investment whatsoever. It’s not something that pays you dividends or in many cases, like 99.99% of them, be able to resell at a higher value than what you paid unless you are looking at Chanel flap bags, Hermès bags, etc, but I digress.

I know people go gaga over these expensive closets, like this one worth $3M from Tiffany Moon, but I find it boring.

I mean, I love.. LOVE.. LOVE.. .style and fashion to the point where it’s a true hobby/obsession for me, but just having money to buy things because you can, leaves me uninterested. I like things with a history, or a story, or some sort of special meaning. I don’t want to just have designer items or a designer closet, I want the pieces in it to be cool, vintage, and fun, designer or not. And wearable. I mean who is really going to carry the “World’s Smallest Birkin Bag”? This is buying something for the sake of buying it to say you have it, it’s exclusive, it’s expensive, rather than buying it because you love it and it is what you really coveted / wanted and will use.

If you asked me to trade my closet with hers, I wouldn’t. Except if I could resell everything she has to get money, to then buy the things I actually wanted…. but over the years, I have built up vintage, secondhand and interesting finds of clothing that I am not sure I can even replace, truth be told. So I am not sure I would want to trade with her, anyway….!!!

2. 100 Things

If you ever want a REALLY good set of books on various topics to buy for children, that even adults won’t mind reading or learning from, I cannot recommend the 100 Things… series highly enough. They are full colour pages, hardcover for the most part, with interesting, fun, illustrated facts.

They are useful to start conversations with your children as well, like when we read about the 52 hertz whale who cannot communicate with other whales because it is on a 52 hertz wavelength, it sparked a discussion about deaf people, what they are born with in terms of a disability, and all this other fun stuff.

The one Little Bun loves right now is 100 Things To Know About The Body and even I find them interesting!


This is a Korean Fried Chicken dish, but made with Chickpeas. It looks sticky, sweet and delicious.


I don’t have a pet, but even I want this dog caricature pillow. I may end up buying it as a gift for a friend, it’s whimsical, fun and she’d love it. There is nothing cuter than dogs with sunglasses. 🙂 Except maybe babies with sunglasses.


I laughed pretty hard at these book dedications from authors who took it to another level. “For everyone with a red line under their name in Microsoft Word.” …. haha!


If you need a cable management box, to hide all those ugly plugs including power converters, this is the best one I have found that is the most practical and beautiful to boot. I like the easy access of the cables, the bamboo it is made out of in elegant colours, and it hides in plain sight on your console or desk.


This was kind of amazing – The Best Optical Illusions of the Year. Until the final reveal at the end, I did not know it was happening!!!!


I FINALLY found a possible dupe for that gorgeous Balmain double-breasted white blazer with gold buttons. I have tried going on various sites to look for a similar piece, but turns out, Banana Republic came with the goods and has a very similar one to the Balmain blazer.

I am also eying their pink silk jumpsuit (not at that price tag obviously), but wonder if I can pull of such a look. It has a very mechanic meets 50s pinup vibe.

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