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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Cashmere $$ and what Wharton students think people earn…


Why cashmere is so expensive, as explained by Business Insider. I personally only wear cashmere or wool, not because (as my friends say) I am bougie, or snobby about fabrics (actually, wait I am..), but because you can get it secondhand for way cheaper than at retail. $30 for a cashmere sweater that was $300? Please. There is no comparison, to my $30 cashmere sweater, secondhand, versus a cheap acrylic one in a store for the same price, made out of plastic fibres.

This is why I only wear (secondhand) cashmere as much as possible – it is warm, light and wonderful. Then when it gets holes in it, you can patch it up and wear it as a house-sweater. You know, sweaters that only stay in the house for lounging, cleaning and washing the dishes? You don’t care what happens to it because it’s old, AND you are warm and cosy in one.


I own this sweater, with the massive cuffs, with the fabric in merino wool and cashmere (it is truly heavenly and lush). It is incredible and well worth the price, though it is on sale now.


A professor (Nina Strohminger) asked her Wharton students what they thought people earned.

The responses, frankly, are shocking. The one that said a ridiculous number was obviously a troll who thought the question was stupid, so put an answer out there as $800K to be an idiot (too bad they were anonymous answers). The rest of them however, think that average American workers make $100K+ a year.

This really brings up the question of environment – if you are surrounded by people who make $100K+ or more, you think it’s normal. On the one hand, this is really being out of touch or unrealistic if you don’t also talk to / meet people and understand on a conscious level that $100K is an exceptional salary, not a standard one, EVEN THOUGH your inner circle or even extended circle is full of people who make that kind of cash.

On the other hand, being in a circle of people who make more money than you, can help you change your mindset to make more money. They may be talking about different topics – tax efficiency, starting businesses, making more money by negotiating, etc. Your closest 5 friends earnings, are generally your average salary as well. Food for thought.

Also – when I say “friends” I think also being in the environment of talking about money, even online on social media in these communities, can also be beneficial to open you up to different ideas and concepts.


Hands down, this is my favourite brand for pastes and curries to add something new to your meals and food. I would absolutely buy this Thai Basil paste again because I mix it into everything, from mashed potatoes to on top of pizza… it’s so versatile and delicious.


This is a long but interesting photo series of pregnancy and motherhood that accurately captures what it is like. A NORMAL pregnancy and life I should say, rather than a prettified social-media one.


I have finally found a snack that is not too sweet, tastes a bit like cake / a treat, and has no palm oil in it. FINALLY. It is these Good to Go bars, with the vanilla flavour being my favourite.


Chili is a pretty easy recipe to switch to plant-based, but this is an excellent recipe for one. With the avocado it is pretty creamy and delicious, and looks incredible.


Not as much fun, but people have been asking what books I used to cover the Canadian curriculum, and they are these ones from… the aptly named Canadian Curriculum series. I also buy the Brain Quest books to help pad out / supplement the learning, but they are more colourful and fun, though a lot lighter on the teaching / content part. I find them not as dense.

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