Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Time to get **** done this year for 2018

Build wealth like a boss: This is the big resolution for 2018 where you make a plan. 

I know you’re all kind of just delaying the inevitable — INVESTING.

So if you’re try using an automated investment service like Ellevest, which has no minimums to begin investing and will recommend a professionally managed, diverse portfolio of low-cost index funds.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for Americans so… Canadians, solly 🙁

This rose-gold plated orchid beauty is MINE.

Cassie is being super inspirational to me in all sorts of ways, but in particular, the fact that she only puts out the garbage ONCE a month is truly impressive.

I truly want this shirt. It would be perfect at the office where I work at.

How much do I love this Twitter thread of all these important, #likeaboss historical women? I love how badass they all were and we should be talking and writing about them far more.

Oh my. How pretty is this racing stripe flannel tote with the word Love on it? It is gorgeous, the right size, and very COOL.

This is why I pretend I don’t have money because it’s not like I personally on the blog or in real life need to pretend, but I do for work purposes and am conscious with strangers and certain people to hide how much I make.

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