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Thrift Store Finds in My Two Weeks of Shopping

As mentioned, I went thrifting as an experiment for 2 weeks to see what I could find that I would actually pay retail price for, and not just because it’s cheap..

I found so many deals that I am a total, complete convert to thrifting



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Left: Surplus/army green moto jersey jacket which I have been eying for a while in stores, particularly since I find this shade of green extremely flattering on me! It is not too olive or forest-y, and it is exactly my style (moto and stretchy).

Right: This jacket had the most terrible shoulder pads, and once I snipped them off, it fit me perfectly because my shoulders are already naturally broader than my body. It’s Linen and cotton, made in France probably by some independent shop or person as there’s no other label, and it is a wonderful linen tuxedo style blazer.


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Left: Old Navy in a nice kind of spotted print that made me think of a Dalmatian! I just love the dress and it looks so comfortable.

Right: Pea in the Pod maternity dress in a water snake print that is nice and high for covering your bra. It’s loose and comfortable, and the print is so pretty. I’ve been eying for a printed maxi dress for a long time, and this was a really nice one.

2 PANTS – ~$7 EACH

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Left: Elevenses (an Anthropologie brand) and it is a wide legged pant called the Brighton Tweed. It went on final sale for $10 at Anthropologie as I searched for it online but it’s another 40% off that price so I’m pleased.

Right: Buffalo David Bitton indigo velvet corduroy pants that say mid-rise but are high rise on me!


They’re super comfortable and will give some texture to my otherwise standard uniform of skinny pants and some top with a topper.

11 skirts – ~$6 – $8 each

This month I experimented with #thrifting and #shopping for as little as possible. I will be blogging at Save. Spend. Splurge. About my experience with #thriftshop and show all the pieces! Here are the skirts ..

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Going from top row, left to right.


1. Shimmery mermaid metallic tweed

This is a vintage piece that is a size or two too large for me. I bought it anyway because the tweed is GORGEOUS. It looks like if a tweed would have been created for a gorgeous sea mermaid or something. It also has deep front pockets (WIN!) and I’m quite pleased with this one.

It needs to be taken in the waist and hemmed to a more modern length which is the issue with most vintage skirts I see & buy, as they’re all midi length and a bit unflattering..

2. Grey wool blend (I think) pencil skirt

I think it is a modern brand, it doesn’t feel like 100% wool and there’s no brand or fabrication tag. It feels super soft and feels like a dream.

It needs to be taken in a bit in the waist but not hemmed.

3. Oatmeal cashmere & wool tweed pencil skirt

Perfect, PERFECT vintage fit. Great length, awesome in the waist, and it’s a cashmere & wool mix which makes it uber soft and wonderful.

4. Magenta purple wool pencil skirt

100% virgin wool, needs to be taken in the waist and hemmed up. It is a gorgeous deep pinky purple that is one of my favourite colours (along with cobalt blue), and it is just stunning. It also has pockets.

5. Camelhair camel pencil skirt

100% camelhair is incredible as a find. I only now need to find a blazer in this exact shade & fabrication (cashmere is also nice), so that’s my next thrifting unicorn.

It needs to be taken in the waist a little and hemmed, but 100% camelhair is very hard to find and for $6? MY GOODNESS. It would go for much more money if it were a designer brand like MaxMara in a store today.

6. Black draped vintage wrap skirt

This is a brand I don’t know or recognize at all, but the draping is just stunning. It is a wrap skirt, with gorgeous bronze-style copper buttons on the side. It is really a nice wrap skirt.

See here!

Classic pinup made modern #ootd #style #summerstyle

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7. Blue cobalt 100% virgin wool pencil skirt

This skirt is WAY long but I can get it hemmed (I would lose that cute kick pleat in the back though) and it needs to be taken in the waist, but it has POCKETS and it is incredible.

8. Red 100% wool circle skirt

I’ve been looking for a red skirt for a long time as well, and the pockets are always a bonus in vintage skirts.

Really nice. Has to be taken in the waist and hemmed up.

9. Black linen pencil skirt

This linen is the highest quality of linen I have only ever felt in designer items. The brand is a no-name one, but it is made in East Germany, and the linen is SUPER SOFT. I don’t really need another black pencil skirt but this one was too nice.

The texture is great, and it just needs to be taken in the waist a bit.

10. Mexx cotton khaki safari belted skirt

This khaki green skirt is great, it is a very very deep green, almost black. I had been actually looking for an army surplus green skirt that is a paperbag waist and high waisted but this one will do for now, in a nice safari style.

11. Linen grey striped circle skirt

A nice piece for the hot summer, I am not quite sure about the grey striped linen (I only really like blue and white), but it looks nice anyway.


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These two skirts I am on the fence about.

Left: White, vintage Ralph Lauren cotton circle skirt made in Canada. It is a little too long but waist is a tiny bit tight. If I can get them to hem it up a bit and use that extra fabric to add a little dart on the sides or the back to make the waist a little bigger, I’d keep it.

Right: Floreat which is an Anthropologie brand, embroidered khaki skirt with a tulle bottom. It’s a size 12, and I only bought it because I thought I may like it and wear it, but the colour palette is not in fit with my wardrobe.

I’m going to resell it.

Anyone want it? $8 plus shipping and it’s yours!

4 TOPS – ~$5 EACH

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Top going left to right, then bottom going left to right:

1. Navy and white striped jersey shirt

This is super comfortable. I hate that the stripes don’t match up, and the brand is Splendid which means it was super cheap to begin with ($5 max), but it is very comfortable and I might keep it as loungewear.

2. HWR Anthropologie burnt orange sequinned & embroidered cardigan

This is an Anthropologie brand, and I knew it before I even checked the tags. It has the most gorgeous buttons in brass and enamel in the front but they’re a real pickle to button up and I can see why it was tossed in the donation bin.

Still, I have ZERO orange tops and I thought I’d experiment with this one to see if I could pair it with navy and white, or some of the maxis. I’ll try wearing it as a sweater without unbuttoning it and see how that fares, or leave it unbuttoned.. or half buttonend.

3. Striped white and orange silk Banana Republic shirt

Again, another orange item on a whim. I call it the circus shirt. I can see why it got donated but I think if it was styled correctly it could be quite cute. Or I could chop off the sleeves and make it an even more versatile sleeveless shell top.

I am undecided.

4. Hugo Boss cashmere & silk cowl neck ivory top

A REAL find. I found this on the rack for only $5, and they didn’t even check the label to stick it on the fancy rack for $10 or more!!!!

It is super soft, definitely cashmere and silk, and looks really stylish. Definitely a classic piece.

4 PURSES – ~$8 EACH (on average)


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Top going left to right, then bottom going left to right:

1. Cognac brown satchel

I thought this satchel in cognac brown was so.. COOL. I love the way it snaps together, and it is definitely worn on the edges of the leather, and a little beaten up, but I love the square rectangular look of it, and it has a ton of pockets (inside and to the side) while still being quite slim. It is definitely not a diaper bag, but it is a nice piece.

2. Gold bag with Bakelite handles

At least.. I think it’s Bakelite. How do you even check that? It makes me think of a 70s clutch, and I just love the gold shimmer of it. It would be cute as a handbag to add something different to a neutral outfit.

3. Navy blue leather bucket bag

I was really undecided on this bag, but I’m glad I got it in the end. It has a nice side zipped pocket for my keys, and it is a bucket shape which is not a bag shape I gravitate towards, but I find really interesting and quite on trend these days.

The leather is real (you can feel it), and it is a nice piece. I plan on cleaning it up well during the winter when I am stuck inside with Baby Bun.

4. Brown Leather handbag

It looks like the smallest, simplest bag ever, but it has two flaps on either side which are handy, and a zippered middle.

I use it as my library book bag. Baby Bun and I go to the library a lot to check out various books, and this one carries all of his board books and other books in a neat little package, while still holding my essentials on the side — iPod Touch, wallet, and keys.


$182 all in, no taxes….!!

That is pretty much what I’d pay for one piece.

I paid that for:

  • 2 toppers
  • 2 dresses
  • 13 skirts
  • 2 pants
  • 4 purses

Of course I need to factor in some tailoring, so let’s say another $150?

Well worth it. $332 for all of that?

That’s $14.40 per piece on average.

Tell me where you can find THAT in a retail store, perfectly fitted in excellent condition & of good quality, in some cases, designer quality (Hugo Boss, independent French designer..)



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