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Ask Sherry: How much do you make from the blog and from freelancing?

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Sherry, how much do you earn monthly from your blog? How much do you earn monthly from your freelancing?

All of my budget roundups can be found here, and I always mention in the Income & Expenses portion what I make from the blog. If I happen to be working, I also mention how much I make.

Generally speaking, I make now about $1000 – $1200/month from blog income, and anywhere from $20K – $30K a month from freelancing when I work.

As you may know, I don’t work all the time, so my past few months have been an income of $0 from freelancing.

New reader – and adopting several of your money strategies!

The good ones I hope. I have some terrible money habits like overspending! 🙂

Can you give us a definition and how-to on calculating your net worth – and what are reasonable goals?

I personally calculate my net worth like this and I have written a number of posts regarding net worth:

I’ve seen calculators online but am not sure how to count my pension plan and mortgage. Thank you!

Well to calculate your net worth at a basic level, you take what you have — in your pension plan, your cash, your home’s value, your savings accounts, your investment accounts… and you minus out your liabilities or debts like credit card debt, what you have left owing on your mortgage etc.



  • $10,000 cash
  • $100,000 pension plan
  • $300,000 home

Total = $410,000


  • $150,000 mortgage
  • $10,000 credit card

Total = $160,000

Now you calculate it as:

$410,000 – $160,000 = $250,000 <– this is your net worth

Hi Sherry, do you have any recipes to share for kids? Your food pics always look amazing and I’m curious what baby bun eats.

I am not a good person for this. Our food for him is super bland. I am talking plain oatmeal (and he loves it). We have never added sugar, syrups, or anything to his foods, and he never expects it or wants it. His yoghurt is sweetened with fruit, not sugar or syrup, or any jam, etc.

He eats pretty plain food  – pasta, grated cheese…

He eats vegetable stews with celery, tomatoes, turnips, onions… and I like to bake potatoes and he eats them as well, very happily.

Other than that, he loves bread, cheese.. obviously.. and doesn’t really like chicken, but likes smoked salmon, avocado, foie gras, confit duck and anything that is really salty and addictive like bacon.

The rest of the time, he just guzzles fruit. Bananas, pears, apples, grapes, all the berries…. he won’t have pomegranates but will try / eat anything else.

Pretty boring.

As for what we eat, if I am having Vietnamese pho, he eats some and loves it. Same with sushi (he LOVES sushi), and fried fish with rice. Oh and pizza. He loves homemade pizza…

We really aren’t great baby food people 🙂 .. The food that you see on my IG page and on my blog, are food pictures of when I go out to eat at the restaurant, or when I am out with friends. It is not always our food at home, if that helps!

Like this? Only with my friend and I. Although if I gave Little Bun oysters, he’d probably try one to see what it’s like.

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