Since I started using The Budgeting Tool (I was still refining it in its early stages), I’ve been diligently tracking my net worth.

I’ve also been using The Investing Tool to grow my savings….

You can really see the story of your life in an instant, just by looking at the ups and downs of your finances.

Past Net Worth Graph

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What my Net Worth Includes

  • Cash
  • Savings (Chequing Account)
  • Emergency Fund
  • Investments (not tax-sheltered)
  • Retirement Savings (tax-sheltered)
  • House (purchased in cash; no mortgage)
  • Car – I added my car’s Kelly Blue Book value if I were to liquidate it today. I purchased it in cash as well for 6-figures.

What my Net Worth DOESN’T Include

  • Physical things — Clothes, Laptops, Gadgets, but my estimations is that I would need $30,000 to cover my stuff
  • My partner’s money or net worth — it’s all me!!! My personal earnings / savings.
  • Little Bun’s money or net worth — again, all me. I do invest it for him though – I wrote a book on how I invest his money. 🙂
I don’t put the above amounts in because it’s subjective to guess how much your stuff would be worth secondhand.
I can estimate it at about an additional $50,000 in total (or more) but I’d rather not pad my net worth.