Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: 15 Financial Windfalls that Changed Their Lives

15 financial windfalls that changed their lives…. from $8000 to a million. I loved reading about what they did with the money afterwards. If I ever got any kind of windfall, I’d throw it straight into investing. Everything is paid – my house, car – I only have to cover my retirement now, and living expenses. *shrug*

I love the white cuffs on this Emerson Fry red striped sweater…. It is a fresh new take on stripes ( being red ) and the white cuffs make it look really sleek.

The military origins of layering… and to think we thought it was fashion-driven!

I bought this super bougie Mason Pearson hairbrush for about $200. EVERYONE I have talked to, who owns one, has raved about how they have had one since they were 10, and it is the most amazing, magical, awesomest brush in the world. We shall see about that.

Are you washing your hair the French way? I am eyerolling at this being the “French” method (why does everything get attributed to them?).. but this is how¬†I wash my hair and I am not French. The only thing I don’t do is I don’t brush my hair / detangle it beforehand, but that’s because I don’t own a brush… I should do this though, it makes sense.

(That’s why I bought that bougie hairbrush, to be honest.)

I find most office folders and things quite ugly, which is why I am always searching for cute office supplies. If you don’t want to shell out for Poppin office supplies which I think is super adorbs, you can try the more accessible Mead 5-Star, which has some cute designs in office folders. I use them to wrangle receipts I need to scan, file away, shred, etc.

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